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Bicknell's Sash-Cord Guide
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Bicknell's Sash-Cord Guide Bicknell's Sash-Cord Guide
PAT.NOV.3 68
Bicknell's Sash-Cord Guide
No 2

This is Alfred Bicknell's Sash-Cord Guide, Patent Number 83,685, issued November 3, 1868. I have a set of four, and have seen a few other units for sale (mis-identified as wire-guide insulators), and a Maine antique dealer reports finding 3 clear and 52 aqua ones at an estate sale. They are uncommon. The embossing reads "PAT. NOV. 3 68" on one side and "NO 2" on the other. Presumably there are several sizes. Dimensions are 1 13/16" (47mm) long and 1 3/16" (31mm) diameter.

These were alternatives to the typical pulley-wheel guides used in older single and double-hung windows which use a sash-weight on a cord as counterweight:

My invention has for its object to furnish an improved anti-friction grooved guide-block for window-sash cords, which shall be simple in construction, inexpensive in manufacture, and effective in operation, and which is designed to take the place of the ordinary guide-pulleys.

My examples have the square notch ( in fig. 3 of the patent), but the glass was introduced into the mold at that point so there is a "pontil" left over which has not been ground off, thus making the slots useless. The Corning Museum of Glass has a photo showing them inserted into pieces of wood, but it's not clear how they are retained in position.