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Catalogue of Glass Department of the Alpha Glass and Metal Co
Catalogue of Glass Department of the
Alpha Glass and Metal Co
Canadian Centre for Architecture
via the Internet Archive: ~75MB PDF


  • 57 Broadway, New York.
  • 76 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, N. J.
  • 12 Pearl Street, Boston, Mass.


  • "Manufacturers under the Pennycuick and Pennycook Patents in Glass and Metals."
  • Incorporated June 26, 1889 in NJ (principal office Jersey City), capital stock $1,000,000, par value of shares 100, commenced business with 1,500. —Corporations of New Jersey: List of Certificates Filed... and Corporations of New Jersey
  • "The Co-operative Glass Company, organized in June, 1888, was composed mainly of the workmen of the original works, which are now owned by the Alpha Glass and Metal Company. The manufacture of tacks was begun here at a later period, in the buildings which had been used first for making woolen yarn, then for cotton cloth. In 1885, the date of the last State census, the glass factories were not in full operation, employing, in June of that year, 195 men and 32 women; when, also, 11 persons were engaged in the tack factory. The other manufactures at this date were arms and ammunition, clothing, furniture, leather, paper goods, carriages, boot and shoes, and food preperations. The value of the aggregate product was $436,955." —A Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts, 1890
  • "Judgments. In these lists of judgments the names alphabetically arranged, and whch are first on each line, are those of the judgment debtor. ... New York City. The Alpha Glass and Metal Co, H. S. Walbridge, $979.97. The Alpha Glass and Metal Co, E. P. Grout, $258.37" —Real estate record and builders' guide 20-Sep-1890 (Columbia University)
  • "Pennycuick's patent was owned by the Prismatic Glass Company, NH, from 1887 to 1889, by the Alpha Glass and Metal Company, NJ, from 1889 to 1890, by a number of individual businessmen and finally by Thomas W. Horn who founded the Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto in 1896 and eventually became one of the cofounders of the Luxfer Prism Company of Chicago..." —Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation, 2014


  • M. H. Bellamy, President.
  • F. McCaskie, Vice-President.
  • G. Pennycuick, Treasurer and Glass Manager.
  • T. Pennycook, Metallic Manager.
  • F. Atkinson, Secretary.



  • Catalogue of Glass Department of the Alpha Glass and Metal Co (top right) sections:
    • Glass Tests Illustrated
    • General Use of Prismatic Glass
    • Vertical Sashes
    • Horizontal Lights
    • Sidewalk Lights
    • Vestibule or Stair Lights
    • Lighting from Extensions
    • Lighting Sub-Cellars
    • Naval Lighting
    • Port Lights
    • Deck Light
    • Directions for Setting Lights
    • Sizes of Window Glass