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Berger Manufacturing Company
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Berger Manufacturing Company letterhead
MetalLumber RIB-TRUS TONCAN METAL Berger's Raydiant TANEX Multiplex Steel Plate Ferro-Lithic


  • Works and General Offices, Canton, Ohio.
    Branch offices in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, St. Louis, San Francisco, Chicago, Cincinnati.
  • The Berger Mfg. Co. of MA: 160-166 Broadway Extension, So. Boston


  • 1886 - Founded by John and Wilson Berger of Canton, Ohio
  • 1888 - Incorporated as "Berger Manufacturing Company"
  • 1900 - Moved to present Belden Avenue address in Canton (5 moves in 10 years)
  • 1906 - Alloy steel production starts
  • 1921 - Merges with United Furnace Company and United Alloy Steel
  • 1930 - Republic Steel Corporation founded, Berger and Central Alloy as divisions
  • 1936 - Sales and administration offices combined at Republic Building in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1937 - Berger Division Plant No.2 in Louisville, Ohio startup
  • 1940 - Present 3-story brick HQ built at 1038 Belden Avenue in Canton
  • 1941 - Shift to wartime production: ammunition boxes, steel ship furniture, shelving etc. Plant No. 2 makes bomb bay doors and wing flaps
  • 1946 - Postwar production: shelving, lockers, storage cabinets, desks, bookcases and steel kitchen cabinets
  • 1962 - Republic consolidates Berger and three other divisions forming the Manufacturing Division of Youngstown, Ohio
  • 1973 - Administrative re-org returns "Berger" to Canton as the Industrial Products Division of Republic Steel
  • 1983 - Name change: Industrial Products Division becomes Republic Storage Systems
  • 1984 - LTV (Dallas) buys Republic Steel and forms LTV Steel
  • 1986 - LTV sells manufacturing divisions; Republic Storage Systems purchased by employees
  • Currently operating


  • See this Republic Storage Systems history page. Primarily a metals company; presumably they jobbed out the glasswork.



Berger "Raydiant" sidewalk marker
"Berger's Raydiant
Sidewalk Lights"
Brass; oval 77/8" × 3¾"

Berger Manufacturing Co Plant, Canton, OH
Berger Mfg Co Plant
Sheet Metal Products
"From the Ore to the Store"

Berger invoice to O. M. Scott & Bro, 1890
Scott · 1890 (PNG)

Berger invoice to Calvin R. Hunter, 1917
Hunter · 1917

Berger bulletins
Berger Metal Building Materials Berger Mfg Co: Catalogue No. 10: Sheet Metal Products Berger's Raydiant Sidewalk Lights Berger Mfg Co: Berloy steel ceilings: a complete series of period designs and units
Metal Building Materials
(Raydiant sidewalk lights)
Berger Manufacturing Co,
Canton, OH, 1914, 22p
JPG ~7MB: tar|zip|pdf
PNG ~62MB: tar|zip|pdf
Catalogue No 10:
Sheet Metal Products

Berger Manufacturing Co,
New York, NY, 1913, 181p
MBJ collection
via The Internet Archive
~125MB: pdf
Berger's Raydiant Sidewalk Lights
(Bulletin No 13)
Berger Mfg Co, Canton, 1916, 39p
JPG ~40MB: tar|zip|pdf
PNG ~440MB: tar|zip|pdf
Catalog No 27: Berloy Steel Ceilings
Berger Mfg Co, St Louis, MO, 1927, 160p
MBJ collection
via The Internet Archive
~209MB pdf