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Brown Brothers Mfg. Co.
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Successors to BROWN BROTHERS

''Sole Manufacturers of Hyatt's Patent Prismatic "Cement" and "Lead Band" Sidewalk Lights and Vault Lights, Floor Lights, Sky Lights, and Vessels' Deck Lights.''
Brown Brothers logo
Brown Brothers 18" Coalhole Cover
The "Star" • 18" Coalhole cover

Brown Brothers 20" Coalhole Cover
The "Star" • 20" Coalhole cover

Brown Brothers #4 Vault light
No. 4 • 21" vault light


  • N. W. Corner of Clinton and West Jackson Sts., Chicago, Illinois
  • 224 & 226 Monroe St.
  • 22nd & Campbell Ave (1905)


  • "Established in Chicago, A.D. 1860"
  • "Brown Brothers, (F. B. and Edwin Lee,) manufacturers' agents Hyatt's Patent Sidewalk and Vault Lights, and sole western manufacturers of Metallic Pattern Letters, 46 River, up stairs" —1867 Balley's City Directory for Chicago
  • Broadsheet dated 1880
  • Invoice dated 1882
  • "E. L. Brown & Brothers established their vault-light factory in 1860, and in 1873 employed eighty-five men in their works at Clinton and Jackson streets. During eight months of 1872 they laid down two miles of sidewalk or vault lights in this city." —Industrial Chicago, 1891


  • Edwin Lee Brown, President
  • V. Reifsnider, Secretary and Treasurer
  • J. D. Richards



  • Round cover, Bethlehem, PA (Drainspotting)
  • The Inter-state Exposition Souvenir: Containing a Historical: "Brown Brothers, (Edwin Lee Brown, Successor and Proprietor,) cor. Clinton and Jackson streets, Chicago. Sidewalk and Vault Lights, Floor, Roof, and Vessels' Deck Lights. This exhibition comprised Hyatt's patent "lead bund" and "cement" prismatic vault lights, which are extensively and solely manufactured by this exhibitor, who does the largest business in this line of any house in the world. Some idea as to the extent of the business done in this line can be formed when the fact is known that during the year 1872 the cash outlay of the house of this exhibitor was one thousand dollars per day."