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Keppler Glass Constructions, Inc.
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Keppler Glass Constructions trademark


  • 806 Architects Building, 101 Park Ave., New York, NY


  • 1912-1928


  • Frederick Ludwig Keppler [b. 1862, Stuttgard]
  • Offices in Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Copenhagen, Milan, Moscow, Barcelona
  • Renamed Structural Glass Corporation in 1928
  • "Vault and roof lights, skylights, translucent wall, sidewalk, and ceiling construction."
  • Trademark #110,860 (1917)
  • Trade catalog —Smithsonian
  • "Keppler (Fredrick L.)* New York. Keppler glass constructions. 15, [1] p. illus., diagrs. 8vo. [12638] © June 2, 1914; 2 c. June 4, 1914; A 374309." —Catalogue of copyright entries, no. 6, 1914 (Library of Congress)
  • "Word was received here yesterday by Mrs. J. C. Ramsey, 235 South Pine street, of the death of her brother-in-law, Frederick L. Keppler, developer of structural glass, and president of the Keppler Glass Construction company of New York. He was 77 years old. His wife, the late Mrs. Elizabeth Neely Keppler, was born and reared in York, and was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neely. Mr. Keppler was born in Villa Keppler, the family's ancestral home at Stuttgart Germany, and was a direct descendant of Johnannes Keppler, noted German astronomer of the seventeenth century." —The Gazette and Daily, York, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1940, p3.
  • See Sweets's Catalogue of Building Construction, 1915


Keppler Glass Constructions · 1914 Keppler Glass Constructions · title page Keppler Glass Constructions · Page 2
Keppler Glass Constructions
Canadian Centre for Architecture
via The Internet Archive
80MB: pdf
Translucent but not transparent · Fig. 1. Keppler Floor, Roof and Vault Light Constructions are composed of translucent glass units, supported by reinforced concrete. They have a large glass area above, and an all-glass undersurface, which admits and distributes the maximum of light. The concrete frame-work, reinforced with rods, gives great supporting strength without cutting off the light. Fig. 2. Cross section of Keppler Floor Light, showing reinforced concrete construction and all-glass undersurface. The concave sides of the glasses are painted white to secure total reflection of light rays striking the concrete ribs.

Keppler Glass Constructions ad, American Architect, 1918
American Architect · 1918
When you buy roof-lights and vault-lights you pay for the square foot of materials—but what you really want is daylight, efficiency, and economy.
Keppler Glass Constructions put the emphasis on daylight, efficiency, and ultimate economy. They admit as much as 40 per cent more daylight than ordinary constructions. They have an all-glass undersurface and appear from below as one large light source instead of a number of small units. No exposed metal parts—no painting or upkeep is needed.
They can be assembled right at the job or furnished complete in

Keppler Pre-assembled Panels

These panels are built in our shops to fit any opening specified and shipped within fifteen days of order. They have been delivered successfully to different parts of the United States and South America.
Besides giving you the advantages of plenty of daylight, efficiency, and favorable price, Keppler Pre-assembled Panels simplify roof-light and vault-light installations, and save you time and trouble. Any mason can set them in their openings and make them absolutely watertight from the simple directions they accompany each shipment.
Write us for detail drawings and descriptions of Keppler All-
Glass-Undersurface Constructions and Pre-assembled Panels
Keppler Glass Constructions Inc. 101 Park
New York Keppler Glass Constructions trademark
Trade Mark
Roof-lights · Sky-lights · Vault-lights · Partitions · Windows · Crystal Ceilings

Postcard from Keppler Glass Constructions to J. R. Gordon Esq., 507 Fifth Avenue, N Y City, postmarked 1916
Crystal Ceiling · Sinn Bros. Department Store, Saarbruecken, Germany Keppler Glass Constructions postcard · 1916

Crystal Ceiling

Department Store · Sinn Bros., Saarbruecken, Germany. 840 square feet, white and yellow glass. Design: Prof. Bruno Moehring, Berlin. Construction: Fred'k L. Keppler, 101 Park Avenue, New York.


Keppler floor light (top view) Keppler floor light (bottom view)
6"²×1¾" Keppler Floor/Roof Light, embossed "KEPPLER Glass Constructions N.Y."