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Radio Insulators¹
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Miscellaneous PYREX Radio Parts

In addition to the various insulators described in the preceeding pages, Corning Glass Works make, by molding and other glass working processes, special shapes and insulating fittings to the designs of manufacturers and assemblers of radio receiving and transmitting devices.
Pyrex Miscellaneous Radio Parts
Power Tube Base
Ribbon Inductance Support
Wire Inductance Support
Coil Support
Condenser End Plate
Contact Terminal Block

    The use of PYREX Radio Parts decreases leakage, conserved energy and provides permanent and effective insulation.
    If you have an insulating problem our engineering department will be glad to review manufacturing possibilities and assist in redesign, should this be necessary to suit glass manufacturing conditions.
Industrial and Laboratory Division
CORNING, N. Y., U. S. A. New York Office, 501 Fifth Ave.

All prices in this catalog subject to the following terms:
Thirty (30) days net; one (1) per cent allowed on all bills paid within fifteen (15) days of date of invoice. All prices are f.o.b. Corning, N. Y., packages charged.