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Radio Insulators¹
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The Properties of PYREX Radio Insulators are Permanent

    The permanent insulating properties of PYREX Radio Insulators originate in the molten glass, are cast imperishably within the finished insulator, and preserved without change by three characteristics--an originally hard, super-smooth surface--a high stability against corrosive influences-- and an indifference to temperature conditions.
    The perfection of the surface of PYREX Radio Insulators is one of the most important factors in preserving their continuous efficiency. Except in heavy storms, rain does not form a continuous film on the surface, and as atmospheric dust particles find no pores or cracks for permanent lodgment, a mild rainfall washes away anything which may have settled on the insulator surface.
    The surface of PYREX Radio Insulators, furthermore, has no glaze to craze or check--no pores to pit. The surface and the body are homogeneous and uniform in structure.
    At but three points below the diamond in hardness, this surface remains unblemished and unscarred even by wind-blown sand or ice.
    The stability of PYREX Radio Insulators against corrosive influences renders them immune to the attack of acid fumes, smoke, fogs and salt sprays. For this last reason, PYREX Insulators are widely used for marine communication systems.
    PYREX Radio Insulators, because of their coefficient of expansion of .0000032 between 19°C. and 350°C., which is lower than that of any manufactured substance with the exceptions of fused quartz and Invar steel, are indifferent to heat shock and abrupt temperature changes. Tropical sunshine does not create strains within them. The sudden chill of a summer hail storm does not affect them.

PYREX Radio Insulators Have Proven Their Worth

    Wherever radio communications is a vital factor, PYREX Radio Insulators will be found playing their part in improving the chance of sending and receiving important messages.
    Many adventurers and explorers have included PYREX Radio insulating equipment as an essential feature of their communication systems.
    Commander McMillan relied on PYREX Insulators when his ship and plane expedition explored the Artic Circle.
    A recent radio message from the Bowdoin, once more visiting the Arctic, is reproduced on the next page.
    When Commander Byrd flew across the North Pole the messages from his airplane transmitter traveled out from an antenna equipped with PYREX Insulators.*
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