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Radio Insulators¹
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    The Atlantic Ice Parol of the U. S. Coast Guard Service sends its warnings of icebergs to the transatlantic liners from PYREX insulated antennae. The same service also depends on PYREX insulators for all coastal patrol operations.
    The U. S. Navy, Lighthouse Service and the Air Mail System, all vitally interested in dependable transmission, specify PYREX Insulators.
    Over fifty of the broadcasting stations, including several "super-powers," have found it advantageous to originally equip, or to refit, their antennae with them.

Radiogram from Anatalok Bay, Labrador

    In 1924, the first constant schedule amateur transmission from the United States to Europe was carried over PYREX equipped antennae.
    The new :Directional Beam: system also uses PYREX Radio Insulators. The stations in Long Island and California, now under construction for commercial transcontinental service, will employ many thousand PYREX insulators for the insulation of the individual wires which, arranged in parabola form, make up the antennae.
    The general adoption of PYREX radio insulators whenever results are of extreme importance, is an indication of the reliance which experienced radio engineers place upon them.
    As a means of obtaining satisfactory service, quality in transmission, and improvement in reception, PYREX insulators have proven their worth.