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Image CD Color Condition Description Price
Aqua Byllesby (Hemingray) suspension insulator for sale Aqua Damaged This is a super rare Byllesby micarta-core suspension insulator. Two are known in purple (one just sold on eBay for $20,000), and there are I believe three known original aqua sets, plus a couple more that have been kitted up out of parts. The glass in these was made by Hemingray— it is Hemi's only suspension insulator— the rarest of the glass suspensions! This unit is in original condition and has never been disassembled. The bottom shell is damaged, while the rest of the shells are in pretty good condition with little or no damage. A kitted example sells for about half the price, but original units are almost never seen or available for sale. Here's your chance. It's a big ticket item, so payments are an option. $9,000
Rare Australian Brookfield flat-top CD 173 insulator 173 Dk. Aqua ½" ISC + dings Strange and rare Brookfield flat-top insulator that was apparently for export as the only examples were found in Australia (but with American threads). Has a ½" inner skirt chip and a half dozen or so various dings. Embossed BROOKFIELD on the flat top. $3,500
Whitall-Tatum Dry Spot insulator 182 Lt. Straw VVNM Very rare Whitall-Tatum Dry Spot insulator in pretty much mint condition: has a bit of shelf wear on the bottom and one tiny peck that's impossible to photograph. Most people would just call it mint. $2,500
Cutter tree insulator embedded in tree trunk 1038 Aqua Damaged One-of-a-kind Cutter tree insulator grown into a tree trunk. Do not known of another one in the hobby— other insulators grown into trees, yes, but not a Cutter! Insulator is damaged— the end of the hook is broken off. Matching tie wire also embedded; flat spot in trunk where side pin apparently used to be attached. Wood has been varnished at some point in its life. Paid > $500 for this unique piece at auction. $500
Depression Yellow-Green Brookfield for sale 145 Depression
o/w mint
Heavy style Brookfeld beehive in a fantastic glowing yellow depression green, with some milk and light amber streaking; lots of glass in this one. Not the usual style at all, only a few of these were found in California. Inner skirt chip in back, othwerwise mint. Last sold in Dwayne Anthony's catalog #11 for just under $400. $400
Image CD Color Condition Description Price
Blue-aqua CD 306 Lynchburg sale 306 Blue-aqua VVNM Rare power piece in excellent condition. Except for one tiny ping at the top corner of an ear— difficult to see but can be felt by hand— this piece is mint. I paid $600 for it, and it's for sale for the same. $600
Hemingray-20 CD 164 in carnival for sale 164 Carnival ISC Aside from the thumbnail ISC, this very rare Hemingray carnival is in factory mint condition. Not a fake, this is the real deal. $300
($220 eBay)
California CD 102 for sale 102 Blue-Aqua Sm. flake Tough California and a domer too; small flake-group at rear wire ridge, otherwise VVNM. In 102s, there are 100 C.G.I.s to every California. $60
Hemingray-9 CD 106 in clear/blue two-tone for sale 106 Two-Tone Mint Looks pretty much mint-- there is a peck perhaps, but was it original? Very clean, and lots of blue for one of these. $75
California CD 112 variation for sale 112 Blue-Aqua Sm. flakes Very tough California, not the plain common 112, but the variation with extra ridge. A few small flakes, but overall very good condition. $600
Burgungy California toll for sale 121 Burgundy Mint Darkest shade these come in, excellent condition. $50
Hemingray-16 CD 122 in clear/blue two-tone for sale 122 Two-Tone Mint Excellent factory mint condition, one tiny mold-release flake at wire groove and mold line. Great clear/blue two-tone with good contrast. $130
Lime H.G. CD 133 for sale 133 Lime Mint Glossy beautiful lime green w/little milk streak. One small mold-release flake at base and mold line, came from factory that way. $90
B.C. DRIP CD 164 w/amber for sale 164 Aqua Base damage B.C. DRIP with amber, how often do you see that? Some base damage, not too bad. $70
Noname 'bar' CD 187 for sale 187 Yellow-Green Mint/Rub Beautiful yellow-green Browns' pony in mint condition save for a little wire rub. $40
California CD 200 in burgundy for sale 200 Burgundy Mint Shiny perfect colorful rare California CD 200. $1,700
Hawley CD 260 for sale 260 Aqua Minor damage The rarest of the Hawleys, the CD 260 cable. Very good condition for one of these, with pretty minor damage. Usually they are whacked. A steal at the price. $1,200