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2003 NIA Western Regional Displays

NIA Altered Exhibit Mexican Insulators Pins and Other Hardware Swirly, Milky, Junky
A NIA Altered Exhibit
Dwayne Anthony
B Gilberto
Mexican Insulators
C Lou Hall
Pins and Other Hardware
1st place: Go-Withs
D Dwayne Anthony
Swirly, Milky, Junky
Best of Show
1st place: Specialty
2nd place: Dealer's Choice
Power Signals Porcelain Fogbowls Stars
E Ron Yuhas
1st place: Color
F Larry Shumaker
First Time Exhibitor
at NIA Show Award
G Colin Jung
Porcelain Fogbowls
1st place: Porcelain
H Andrew Elliott
1st place: Junior
Tolls Galore Mexican Glass Battery Rests California Electrical Works
I·J Dave Elliott
Tolls Galore
1st place: Dealer's Choice
Crown Jewels Educational Award
K Dave Hall
Mexican Glass
1st place: Foreign
L Richard Dawson
Battery Rests
1st place: General
M James Doty
California Electrical Works
Hemingray The Kern-1 Line - 1907 Hoopskirt Family Early S.F. Insulators
N Steve Marsh
O·P Barbara Smith &
Carver Mead
The Kern-1 Line - 1907
Q Bill Ostrander
Hoopskirt Family
R Larry Monroe
Early S.F. Insulators
Clearly Beautiful California San José Fishers Reunion
S·T Raffle U Eloise Haltman
Clearly Beautiful
3rd place: Dealer's Choice
V Denley Bryson
W Group Display
San José Fishers Reunion
EC&M Group Display Vault Lights & Bushings McLaughlin Insulators and Bottles
X Scott Prall et al
EC&M Group Display
Y Ian Macky, Paul Greaves,
& Shirley Patocka
Vault Lights & Bushings
Z Bob Hendricks
McLaughlin Insulators and Bottles
Best Use of Western Glass Award