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Surge Fencer
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·Surge Fencer
·Stock Control
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The Surge

The BABSON NAMEPLATE on a piece of Dairy Farm Equipment is the Best Guarantee of Durability, Reliability... and Performance that your money can buy!
Surge Fencer

Mercury Switch guarantees against a continuous current-- as unfailing as the "law of gravity."

Surge Three-in-one Transformer limits current to 25 milliamperes declared safe by leading authorities.

Built-in Magnetic Shunt insures against increases in output after leaving the factory.


Selector Switch provides finger-tip voltage control for normal, dry and very dry soil conditions.

Surge 3 in 1 Transformer supplies a full 25 milliampere shock on all three voltages.

Only the Surge can give you full power for a good stock-stopping sting.


Fence Tester gives accurate check on fence condition.

Indicator Lamp warns when fence is badly shorted.

Color-coded Outlets provide leads for your hog pen, barn lot, permanent and temporary fences. A Time-saver when checking for shorts.

Thermal Circuit Breaker makes fuses obsolete. Just push the button in and it's going again.
BUILD to be the BEST!

The Surge Fencer is built for the man who is seeking adequate control for his livestock... it may cost a little more than some others for the first year... it will cost LESS than ANY OTHER every year after that.


Sturdy, Rugged Construction-- so essential in a farm machine.


Sealed-in-Transformer to keep moisture out for years to come.


Right Arrow Weatherproof-- sealed with live rubber gaskets-- may be installed indoors or out.