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Babson Surge - Why not buy a Good one?
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Soon or later, You will be buying an Electric Fencer . . .
Why not buy a Good one?

    We mean that in all seriousness. We are not urging anybody to buy an Electric Fencer.... but.... the convenience and economy of an electric fence that works is so great that we figure that a time will come when you will decide to buy one. So we say - "Why not buy a GOOD one?"

    After all, the cost of a GOOD electric fence is so tiny as compared with any of the usual fences that you have been using that it will surely pay you to spend enough to get a fencer that will show you just what an electric fence can do.... just what it can save.

    It is our notion that if an electric fence is worth trying at all it is worth trying in the right way.... worth trying with a fence that is not only safe but is EFFECTIVE. Not just effective part of the time when everything is just right but effective all the time under all weather and soil conditions.... so.... if you are buying you first electric fence, we urge you once more to spend enough to get a good one. If you are buying your second fencer, we hardly need tell you that it pays to buy a good one.

    The price of a cheap fencer is not enough to hurt you - your cash loss with be small.... but.... if that cheap outfit causes you to condemn all electric fencing, then your loss can be really serious because a GOOD electric fence can hardly fail to increase your profits out of all proportions to its cost.

    We have not joined in the mad struggle to see who could make the cheapest legal electric fencer. Certainly we could make such a fence; certainly we won't. Wherever you turn you will find somebody willing to make you a cheap fence but it is less easy to find somebody with the equipment and the capital and the patience and the skill and experience to make you a GOOD one. We believe that the future market - the really big market - is for the kind of fencer we are building.

    We believe that the real demand is for a fencer that will control livestock under any and all weather and soil conditions and only the Surge Electric Fencer can do that.... only the Surge can adjust the voltages to carry the same legal and SAFE amperage all the way to the end of the line.

    The Surge is not the cheapest fencer; it isn't even a cheap fencer - it IS the best investment you can make in electric fencing, because it does so many things that no other fencer can possibly do.
Very truly yours,        
Gus Babson (signature)
BABSON BROS. CO. 2843 W. 19th St., Chicago