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Babson Surge - There's MONEY in this ELECTRIC FENCING!
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Surge Paper
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Babson Surge - There's MONEY in this ELECTRIC FENCING!

.... for YOU, Mr. Dealer!

.... for the FARMERS in your territory!

    There isn't another invention in modern fencing that does things with dollars like ELECTRIC FENCING. Any kind of farmer.... anywhere.... can save money with it in temporary fencing and added protection to permanent fences.

    And THAT, brother, is why we laid out a chunk of dough to print this Fencer Catalog. We don't mean to brag, but doesn't it look like one of the best pieces of literature we have ever put out? It's a Quality Book for a QUALITY Product, and it's going to put the SURGE FENCER on the map.... if.... everybody gets behind it!

    Remember, we didn't print it just to be giving away nice pictures free. In the long run, this catalog will more than repay its cost IF.... YOU WILL JUST STOP IN AND SELL THE PROSPECTS THAT READ THE CATALOG.

    Again, there is a lot of money to be made selling electric fence controllers. Regrettably, some of it is going to be made my men that sell controllers dangerous enough to kill. Others are going to make money selling controllers that put out such a feeble tickle of electricity when the fields are dusty, that even the most retiring cow can walk through their one wire.

    That doesn't happen in SURGE fencing. Read this catalog through - look over the Fencers.... we're handing you a product just as worthy of the Babson Nameplate as the Surge Milker - a Fencer that meets the most stringent laws in the country.... yet.... puts out a shock that keeps the stock inside the field and away from the fence.... under All Kinds of soil conditions. There's been plenty of money spent here and in the field working on a fencer that WOULD do those things. We can honestly say.... THIS IS IT!

    Before we had the kind of fencer we wanted, a flock of other firms were turning out controllers by the hundred.... but.... a check-up shows that most of them are either undependable for stopping the stock, or they are dangerous to life and property.

    We have said that a good many times, but as long as those other electric fence controllers are pushed by energetic men who want to make a living, some of them will be sold. We CAN step in and divert a number of those sales by PUSHING TODAY on the Surge Fencer.... and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

    Finally, we may convince everyone that our fencer is the only one that is both safe and effective, but in the meantime, there are a lot of farmers with money in their pockets.... who are going to try electric fencing. This catalog should catch the eye of almost all of them. Let's get out to those farmers and start closing deals. We can make an honest living at it, and the farmer can make the living he now makes go a great deal farther.


P.S. The attached catalog is yours.... already punched to fit into your Sales Album. Naturally, you'll need others - so, use the blank below and order what you need right now.

Please send me_____________________ Surge Fencer Catalogs.



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