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Babson Brothers Surge Price Guide
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Babson Surge
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Babson Surge logo Babson Surge insulator CD 100 Barn with Babson Surge electric fence Babson Surge Insulator CD 100 Babson Surge logo
ImageItemDescription and Comments Price
Surge Fencer Model A.C. Fencer (A.C.) Glass-fronted 110VAC unit with Sangamo mechanical action, rocking mercury switch, and bulbous neon indicator; se bon! Things affecting price: Functional unit? Indoors unit? Decal in good shape? Insulators present and unbroken? Sealed? Original neon bulb work? The bulb is an NE-30, still being manufactured by Chicago Miniature Lighting so replacements are available (try Mouser). $20-100
condition varies greatly
Surge Fencer Model A Fencer (A) Battery operated; rare compared to Model A.C., but boring and unattractive; no glass, no action. Desired by completeists only. $20-$40

Glass System
ImageItemDescription and Comments Price
CD 100 Babson Surge electric fence insulator Fence insulator
2¾" tall, 2¼" wide
CD 100; very successful and hence common glass electric fence insulator (there's a seemingly endless supply). On the plus side, cute. Well-made except for the embossing errors (REQ, CHCIAGO), so anything out of the ordinary is desirable. Clear $3-5
Light Straw $5-10
Errors $10-15
CD 100.2 Babson Surge electric fence (gate?) insulator Gate insulator
2 5/8" by 2 1/8"
CD 100.2; like CD 100 but with 1" pinhole; rare, experimental? Known specimens supposedly came from Hemingray dump. Perhaps meant for an improved, beefier gate latch using a standard 1" diameter telephone wood pin instead of the wimpy stock pin. Embossing reads SURGE on the front and BABSON BROS. CO. on the back-- note no T.M., PAT., or Chicago. Smashed $50
Decent $1000+
Good $2000+
Surge Kwick Klip Side pin, 8" Small version of telegraph sidepin; Apparently it wasn't a useful shape for other purposes (not even doorstop?), so more of these survived the thrifty farmers who recycled materials (like the Surge straight fenceposts). Good used $5+
NOS block of 12, $125
Kwick Klip Metal clip that holds live wire to each glass insulator (instead of being tied by hand). Anonymous items that would more likely be thrown away than saved, so rare but cheap! 25¢ each
Box price?
Surge straight pin driver Straight pin, 48" Rarely seen compared to the side pin; probably old ones were reused, being oak and a basic shape; with the pointed and threaded ends cut off, it's just an anonymous piece of wood. The catalog cut shows Surge stamped into the side, but known specimens are have no markings. $20-30
Pin driver An anonymous looking piece of iron most would trash without a second thought, making them difficult to come by. $10-25
Surge fence corner brace Corner brace These are folded stainless steel corner brace parts. Another anonymous metal part, unlikely to have been saved or attention paid. And, since they were only used at corners, there would have been few in the first place. 50¢ each
Box price?
Surge glass gate latch Glass gate
This is the glass-system gate latch. It is rare, since there would be relatively few gates compared to total fencing. It comes with a glass insulator on a wood pin for a handle; the wood pin was originally painted Surge orange. $50-100

Porcelain System
ImageItemDescription and Comments Price
Surge porcelain gate latch Porcelain
gate latch
This is the poor-man's system, using porcelain insulators. Special porcelain dead-ends are used, and the latch itself hooks onto one, then acts as a wire and pivots and tensions the wire then hooks onto the other wire. $20-30
Surge porcelain corner insulator Corner insulator Used in conjunction with the porcelain gate latch; dead-ends the electrified wire at a gate or turns a corner in a fence. Like the gate latch, it's a rare item. But, it's porcelain in an ugly brown glaze so the desirability is low. $85 is being asked,
and that's chipped--
I keep passing.