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San Francisco
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January 11, 2003
Original S.F. iron pole with iron crossarms
37°45'53.1"N, 122°24'11.9"W
Original S.F. Iron Pole: This original S.F. iron pole with iron crossarms is still standing at the corner of 17th and Kansas. No woodies on this pole, but they were likely here once. San Francisco Woodies in the air Jan, 2003
37°45'54.7"N, 122°23'51.9"W
San Francisco Woodies in the air Jan, 2003 San Francisco Woodies: There are still woodies installed on poles, in use as of January, 2003-- this famous pole at 17th and Connecticut has 5 saddle-tops and a round-top! The 2nd shot duplicates page 89 of Wood Amongst The Wires, for comparison.

Bryant Street Substation, January, 2003
37°46'5.7"N, 122°24'39.6"W
Iron crossarm and porcelain bushings on Bryant Street Substation Bryant Street Substation: This is the old trolley substation at Bryant and Alameda. The building is still in use by the S.F. Muni Railway for the overhead line department, but power is no longer generated here. In 1980 those pins still contained round-dome woodies! The crossarms are mounted near the close corner in the first picture.
May 10, 2003
Turk and Fillmore substation, front view
37°46'49.0"N, 122°25'55.7"W
Turk and Fillmore substation: The Turk and Fillmore substation sits unused and decaying today. The ventilation tower collapsed a few years ago, the back wall is held up with posts, and a river runs down the side. Apparently the space can't be converted to new use (commercial space, housing, etc) since there's no way to provide the required new parking spaces!
Turk and Fillmore substation, close-up of ceramic wall tubes Turk and Fillmore substation, close-up of ceramic wall tube Looking up at the banks of ceramic wall tubes where the 600V trolly feeders exited the building.
Turk and Fillmore substation, side view Turk and Fillmore substation, close-up of porcelain pintypes Street side of the substation-- someone needs to fix that gutter! There are major plants growing on the side of the building now. At the top left, three remaining porcelain pintypes.