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San Mateo
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February 1, 2003
This CD 297 is at the end of the block, in service today. Signals recovered from this same block: Brookfield 162 and 162.1, McLaughlin 162, Hemingray 162.
CD 297 at Ellsworth and Poplar, San Mateo
37°34'22.2", 122°19'52.4"W

Pole replacement technique. The power is transferred to the new pole, with communications left behind on a piece of the old pole. Sometimes the old piece is attached to the new pole, sometimes they stand it on an old crossarm. Either way, they stay like this for years.
New pole with section of old pole still attached
37°34'17.4", 122°19'42.2"W
Old pole using crossarm for base Closeup of old pole using crossarm for base
37°34'1.2", 122°19'20.6"W
New pole with section of old pole crazily attached
37°34'14.8", 122°19'35.5"W

Communications doesn't seem to get a lot of respect from the power folks, but given the looks of this snag, perhaps they're asking for it.
Aerial rats-nest
37°34'13.5", 122°19'42.1"W