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Wall and Floor Bushings
Bushings display at 2003 NIA San Jose Regional Show Wall and Floor bushings Display, 2003 National Insulator Association Western Regional Show, San José by Ian Macky & Paul Greaves. In back are the larger embossed R-50XX bushings, attributed to Brookfield (see table at right); in front are smaller unembossed tubes, variously attributed. They are typically ribbed full length and have 6 or 8-sided heads. The small smooth bushing and light SCA bushing on the far right are both rare.
R-508318½"4½"18 lb
R-507111½"33/8"+5/8"7 lb 2 oz
R-504357/8"3½"3 lb 3 oz
R-505043/8"3½"2 lb 5 oz
R-50885"3"1 lb 7 oz
Transformer and Capacitor Bushings
Transformer and Capacitor Bushings joint collection Also displayed at the 2003 NIA Western Regional were Capacitor and Transformer Bushings, but no picture was taken at the show so the display was recreated again afterwards. Joint collection of Ian Macky and Paul Greaves. In back are the standard 2½" diameter transformer/capacitor bushings, often in colors suspiciously Hemingray. Missing is a milk glass specimen. Second from left in back looks funky because it's covered with lime scale.
Small G.E. Transformer with glass bushings Small G.E. Transformer with glass bushings. Metal case 5" long by 2¾" square; overall dimension terminal to terminal is 8". It's oil filled, you can move a bubble and view the oil flow through the small bushing which acts as a window. Total weight 3 pounds, 2 ounces. Small bushing length is 1" and color is cornflower blue. Large bushing is a light yellow-green; see below for amber example. GENERAL ELECTRIC
TYPE K-2730C
DIAGRAM K-9216981
OUTLINE M-8375891
Closeup of three small cornflower bushings Closeup of three small cornflower bushings. The 1" baby is on the G.E. transformer; you can see the amber oil inside. The next larger is the same style, but ~2¼" overall. The largest double-ended bushing is a single piece of glass, not two pieces as it appears. Glass is 2¼" long by 15/8" diameter at the mounting flange; largest external rib is 1¼" in diameter. Embossed "TRONEX" on one end, ground flat on the other.
Small Transformer and Capacitor Bushings Two smaller bushings, 4¼" × 2" (overall length 5¼"; a match for the G.E. transformer above), and 31/8" × 2" (overall length 4¼"; note unusual dual terminals). Neither is embossed. Unidentified 5¼" cornflower blue bushing Unidentified 5¼" cornflower blue bushing,
attributed to Millville
Partially formed glass bushing (blown into bottle) Unfinished glass bushing, attributed to Millville. These small bushings were blown into a bottle mold as shown, then the bottle is cut off. Finished bushing would have been 2¼" × 15/8".