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CD 102
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Threaded Insulators
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B.G.M. blot-out B.G.M. in Ice Purple B.G.M. in Purple
B.G.M. in Dark Purple Brookfield in cornflower blue
B.G.M. in Dark PurpleCD 102 Thumbnail
Scale: 25 pixels / inch
Weight10 oz
Style#H14, W3

CD 102 Mechanical Drawing

Designed: January 14, 1879
Designer: James M. Brookfield
US Design Patent#: 10,981 [USPTO]
Early History of Glass Insulators: The "Pony" insulator developed about 1878, was widely used on telephone, fire-alarm and police telegraph lines. The manufacturer of the "Pony" described it as a Western Union style of insulator "reduced in size but made to fit the same pin or bracket." After 1885 this type of insulator was in general use on most long-distance lines. 1879 cut of CD 102 from Brookfield Design Patent Application