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Threaded Insulators
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Chicago CD 135

Chicago CD 135 with Snot Ring

Chicago CD 135 with Booger Wad
CD 135
Chicago Insulator Co. ad
Electrical Review, March 7, 1885
Chicago CD 109 "Teardrop" Pony
CD 109
         Practical tests, in actual use, of these INSULATORS, since their introduction in February last, warrant us in guaranteeing for them a superiority of insulation, of from 100 to 300 per cent, over all others, and has demonstrated the correctness of the principle involved in their construction, viz., that of attacking the evil of leakage at its root-- by PREVENTING THE ESCAPE OF THE CURRENT FROM THE WIRE to the insulator-- and thus rendering unnecessary all appliances aiming to lessen the leakage FROM THE INSULATOR to its supporting pin.
         While they are the most EFFICIENT, they are at the same time the STRONGEST, best made, and all things considered, the cheapest glass INSULATOR in the market. They are now in use by Telegraph, Telephone and Electric Light Companies in all parts of the country and must eventually supersede all others where high insulation is required.
         Price of "Regular" 6 cents, and of "Pony" 3 cents, f.o.b. at Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore--with special discounts on large orders.
         In our Patent Screwknob-- the screw is cast solid in the knob, and in addition to their convenience in putting up, are superior in insulation, when wet, to either glass or porcelain.
         Our combination Hook is made with or without cup. It contains no rubber and will not deteriorate by exposure to the weather. Price of Knobs, No. 6 A. (1½ inches,) $3.00 per hundred; Price of Combination Hook, $10.00, all f.o.b. at Chicago-- with liberal trade discount.