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CD 164.4
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CD 164.4 Fry opalescent insulator (backlit)NO DRAWING
Weight16½ oz

Opal glass looks very different depending on how it's lit. The full opal effect comes when light bounces off the glass to the observer; when backlit, the glass is a sickly amber. CD 164.4 Fry opalescent insulator (halogens overhead and to the right)
CD 164.4 Fry opalescent insulator (on-camera flash)
On-Camera Flash
CD 164.4 Fry opalescent insulator (flashlight beam)
Flashlight Beam

Opal comparison: Fry, Locke (Corning), Hemingray.

Opal glass comparison

The Locke was found in a bucket with a bunch of junk glass by a lucky California collector who brought it to Auburn for show & tell (and sale, if you had enough zeroes). The author brought his Fry and Hemi opals for comparison-- the Locke glass is quite different! Streaky and experimental-looking compared to the polished Fry, it was made under contract in the 1910s by Corning using Locke's own glass patent.