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Vertical sections through centerline, scale = 25 pixels/inch.
Drip points omitted, top of large power pieces simplified.
Side wire groove, single petticoat (100-144)
CD 102CD 104CD 106CD 110CD 112CD 113CD 115CD 116CD 117CD 119CD 121CD 122.4CD 124CD 125CD 126CD 133CD 134CD 137CD 139CD 143
Side wire groove, double petticoat (145-184)
CD 145CD 147CD 150CD 151CD 152CD 154CD 160CD 162CD 162.1CD 164CD 168CD 174CD 178
Through pinhole (185-188)
CD 185CD 187CD 188
Transposition (190-205)
CD 190-191CD 196CD 200CD 201CD 202CD 203.2CD 205
Saddle wire groove, double petticoat (206-249)
CD 213CD 225CD 226CD 228CD 232CD 233CD 235CD 240
Cable, single or double petticoat, w/ears (250-279)
CD 251CD 252CD 254CD 257CD 259CD 262CD 263CD 267CD 268CD 269CD 272CD 273CD 275
Side wire groove, triple petticoat (280-289)
CD 281CD 282CD 283CD 284CD 287CD 288CD 289
Saddle wire groove, triple petticoat (290-309)
CD 296CD 297CD 299CD 300CD 302CD 308
One-piece large power (315-334)
CD 316CD 318CD 319CD 320CD 322CD 323
CD 325CD 327CD 330CD 331