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Falconnier bricks at the Mumm caves Falconnier bricks at the Wassenbergh villa
Mumm Caves Wassenbergh villa
Falconnier bricks at Castel Béranger Falconnier bricks at Mihály Babits' house Falconnier bricks at Spa Luhacovice Falconnier bricks at the Godin Paper Mills in Marchin
Castel Béranger Mihály Babits' House Spa Luhacovice Godin Paper Mills, Marchin
Falconnier bricks at Villa Bergeretvilla Falconnier bricks at the Former School for Navigation in Rotterdam villa Falconnier bricks in Greiz (Thuringia) Falconnier bricks in Greiz (Thuringia)
Villa Bergeret Former School for Navigation, Rotterdam Residences, Greiz
Falconnier bricks in Alblasserdam Falconnier bricks in Chemnitz (Saxony) Auction photos of Falconnier bricks Falconnier brick inventory at Anno Stein & Eisen
Residence, Alblasserdam Residence, Chemnitz Auction photos Anno Stein & Eisen
Falconnier brick colors Falconnier bricks at the Bella Vista, Genève-Bellevue, route de Lausanne 308, Switzerland Falconnier bricks at the Zurich Stadthaus (town hall)
Brick colors «Bella Vista», Genève-Bellevue Zurich Stadthaus

Eroshenko House Restoration New bricks by NWGlass-lab

THE NORTHERN PAVILION OF HORTICULTURAL BUILDING AND EXHIBIT OF HOT-HOUSES AND SUMMER-HOUSES, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 Group of Falconnier full and half-size bricks 25 bis rue Franklin, Paris 36 rue de Tocqueville, Paris
World's Columbian Exposition Full & ½ bricks 25 bis rue Franklin
36 rue de Tocqueville
(Chicago World's Fair, 1893) Photo: Quittenbaum Photos: Le mateur
paris1900.blogspot.com (defunct)
#9 Falconnier bricks at a derelict Budapest telephone station Falconnier briques at the Swiss National Museum, Zurich Falconnier briques at the Swiss National Museum, Zurich Colorful group of Falconnier bricks
Budapest telephone station
Negative COL-6951 Negative COL-6953 Amazing colorful group!
Photo: Nikita Muruzin Swiss National Museum, Zurich eBay #281851008959
Now owned by the
Pressed Glass Museum
Falconnier #5 Brick "mit Drahtmantel" (wire-covering) Falconnier #10½ Brick Falconnier briques No. 6 (front view) Falconnier briques No. 6 (side view) Falconnier briques No. 6 (corner view)
Brick mit Drahtmantel
BLfD / Photo: Michael Forstner
#10½ Brick Brick marked "5", but doesn't match catalog's #5