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Hemingray Experimental Insulators E1, E2, E3 and E14B
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Hemingray experimental insulators E.1, E.2, and E.3
E.1, E.2, and E.3
Hemingray experimental insulator E_14B
Around 1946, Hemingray (under the direction of Owens-Illinois, who bought them in 1933) made several experimental insulators, marked with an "E" embossing: "E.1" (used on both CD 100.6 and CD 128), "E.2" (CD 122.4), "E.3" (CD 233), and "E_14B" (CD 128). The CD 100.6 is very rare and I don't have one, but you can see a picture here. The experiments were about glass formulas, not insulator designs. I had heard that the opal glass was for testing resistance to a salt-water environment, which is why they were found in Florida, but it's also thought it had something to do with the carrier system. This was when it was being deployed, and since CS carries multiple signals on a single wire, a wider range of frequences is used. The conjecture is that ordinary flint glass was too lossy at certain frequencies so they were trying to find lower-loss formulas. The E1-3 glass has a "vaseline" look and is described as "lemon". The E-14B is commonly found in ice green, but also in off-clear and beautiful shades of opal. The opal batch runs from near clear to milkglass; every shade can be found at the dump. Opals were found mostly along the Florida East Coast Railway, but also near Lake Okeechobee and elsewhere. The opal glass is very soft and dissolves in acid; be careful when cleaning! Some insulators found lying on the ground had their underground parts missing—dissolved by the acidic soil!
Read The E-14 B Story from the December 1976 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine.
Group of Hemingtray E_14B opalescent, experimental insulators Group of Hemingtray E_14B opalescent, experimental insulators
Group of Hemingray_CS E_14B experimental insulators, fragments and slag (most from Muncie dump); front and rear views
CD 128:
Hemingray CD 128 colors (back & bottom lit) Hemingray CD 128 colors (daylight) Hemi
Trio of Hemingray CD 128 CSA insulators Fry,
Opal insulator comparison
Lemon E.1, Opal E_14B, Dark Yellow CSA Clear, 2-Tone, Dark Yellow Opal comparison
Back/Bottom-lit Daylight