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Unembossed CD 162.4 with carbon bubbles Unembossed Canadian CD 162.4 in royal purple with carbon bubbles in outer skirt, and also directly behind in inner skirt! Kerr CD 155 with irridized coating Kerr CD 155 with "irridized" coating which gives it a metallic sheen with a light rainbow effect, like an oil-slick. Not a production item, just foolin' around at the factory.
Fused blob of McMicking insulators Fused mass of McMicking CD 734 threadless insulators, with square nail. Hemingray-42 solid pour from dump Hemingray-42 solid pour from the factory dump
Hemingray glass tank orifice Hemingray glass tank orifice, from the factory dump. Orifice diameter determined glass flow rate to automatic machinery. Glass Pin Base This glass pin base takes a steel pin with wood cob and clamps together into a rigid assembly (four sharp points top and bottom dig into the wood). See Manhattan Electrical Supply catalog page.
Conduit post insulator from Montana Dam catacombs Post insulator, supports conduit in catacombs of a Montana Dam. 3 7/16" tall, 5" in diameter, 3½ pounds of solid aqua glass. Support insulator from Edison collection Large post insulator from the Edison collection; still has metal collection tag #17329. 3 7/8" tall, 6½" in diameter, 8¾ pounds of solid greenish smoky glass.
'B' beehive with mold misalignment This late-model 'B' (Brookfield) beehive suffered a mold misalignment: the dome is shoved off to one side. See more misalignments here. Amber Hemingray signal with collapsed wire ridge This Hemingray signal's wire ridge collapsed like a frightened soufflé; no idea how it happened!