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These objects are unidentified. If you know what they are, please let the author know!
"SNYDER's PATT. ELECTRIC INSULATOR" "SNYDER's PATT. ELECTRIC INSULATOR", 4" wide, 13/8" high, 18 oz, waffle bottom, smooth top cup, crystal clear. With a hand pointing to some zapping lines, there's no doubt it's meant as an electrical insulator. Piano insulator? Purple glass fluid check? Mating glass surfaces are ground; glass ends have concentric ridges, rubber-hose style. Fluid check of some sort?
Purple glass pole top/cap? This piece, embossed "PATENT APPLIED FOR, has a wire loop with 4 eyes embedded in the lower rim (now mostly broken out); there are 4 radio strains attached to the eyes. Pole top cap? Glass is 6" tall.
Emerald green threaded cap? Identified: Regan Brumagen identified this piece: it's part of 1910 US patent 965544 by Jay C. Smith for an electric sign; the glass is a colored bulb cover that screws into the sheet metal exterior of the sign. This cap, 1 9/16" in diameter and 15/16" high, is embossed "PATENTED JULY 26 1910". It has a single thread on the shank (see bottom view) and is meant to be screwed into a 1" hole.
Brookfield beehive storm disconnect Brookfield beehive storm disconnect Brookfield beehive storm disconnect Brookfield beehive storm disconnect
Storm disconnect for a farm phone line. Pulling the hanging cord unlatches the [missing] conical piece, which slides out and heads to ground, disconnecting. When the storm's over, reel back in the weighted cone which snaps back in place, reconnecting. Another, complete unit is known, but I haven't actually seen it.
Kite-shaped deck prism?  (bottom, view 1) Kite-shaped deck prism?  (bottom, view 2) Kite-shaped deck prism?  (top view)
This weird piece looks like it would function as a deck light (flat upper surface, flange, etc) but the kite shape and double prism are very unusual. It's in unused condition. What is it??