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Glass & Glass-Making
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A Teacher Speaks
LAST fall I obtained a position as teacher of intermediate subjects in a large private school. I accepted with fear and trembling, as it was five years since I had graduated from high school, and I had little experience in teaching to build on.

    That first day at school, I shall never forget. I was asked to talk to a class of twenty-five girls on Russia. I was totally at a loss as we had no text-books, so I worried through the period by talking about war conditions in Russia. At noon I went home discouraged, feeling that I could never "carry on."

    Suddenly I thought of "THE MENTOR" on "The Story of Russia" that I had seen at a friend's house. I borrowed it, and, on the following morning, was able to give my class an intelligent talk that won their interest immediately. In accomplishing this I was greatly aided by the six beautiful gravure pictures.

    At once I realized what "THE MENTOR" would mean to me in my school work; so sent in my subscription for a year. With my first number came a complete list of "THE MENTOR" subjects, and then I decided that I could not afford to miss a single issue. As my salary is small, it has been a drain to me to pay back the money I was obliged to borrow with which to buy all the back issues. However, I have acquired a library of knowledge in a concise and convenient form, that would cost hundreds of dollars to duplicate in book form. The total cost has been about $30.00, and it is the best investment I ever made.

    Every day I use "THE MENTOR" in connection with my History, Geography, English and Reading Courses. I have several of the gravure pictures hung on the walls of my class-room, but change them frequently, to coincide with the subject matter of the daily work.

    The children like "THE MENTOR" quite as much as I do, and have bought many numbers on subjects that were of particular interest to them. Several of the girls have subscribed to your magazine, and together we have formed a "MENTOR CLUB" in my class. As a result, I devote one period to it, every other week, on the day following our receipt of the magazine. We then read and discuss the subject of that issue and it is a veritable recreation and most instructive. The variety of subjects that "THE MENTOR" covers opens up many new interests for the children.
M. P. GRAHAM, New York.