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Stained Glass
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T H E   O P E N   L E T T E R
Windows of the North Aisle, Strasburg Cathedral, Alsace
    The Christian year ends with carols in celebration of Christmas and anthems heralding Peace on Earth and Good Will to Man. At the end of this year of unrest our hearts hunger for the genial spirit of Yule-tide and cry out for the return of general peace and happiness. In an atmosphere of cathedral sanctity like that reflected in the picture above, we feel a sense of re-consecration to the spiritual ideals in which we were born and bred. Whether it be in the cathedral, in the home church of one's own religious denomination, in the simple meeting house of worshipers of a chosen faith, or in the mission chapel of remote settlements of civilization, one prayer surely, at this time, issues from all-- that the years immediately before us may bring the fulfilment of the promise of the Prince of Peace.
·         ·
    Out of a boiling pot of conflicting social and economic conditions, peace and plenty are hardly expected to emerge. The Mentor, however, looks to the future with confident hope. Through the many varied and vexed contentions of vital industries, The Mentor holds fast to a faith that time will solve the problems and revive conditions under which men and women will live well and enjoy the
fruits of peace and prosperity. It means that we must yield as well as demand; and it means that we must serve as well as command and it means that we must give consideration to the welfare of others. It means a return to the old-time principle of "live and let live," and the end of mad profiteering and reckless extravagance. It means "human fellowship" and all that it implies. It can be attained, if we only admit it, for all we have to take to heart and practice is a spirit of industry, thrift and philanthropy. Work and save, and help our fellow man-- that's all.
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    Every day we receive the inquiry-- and sometimes from old subscribers: "Can we get back numbers of The Mentor?" All the numbers of The Mentor are kept in print and it stock all the time. The Mentor is not a magazine that passes away in current numbers. The message it bears is one of enduring interest. The back numbers are just as valuable as the latest ones-- and they are just as much in demand. W. D. Moffat signature Last year we sold nearly half a million back numbers. So, call on us for any number of The Mentor you want.