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United States Patent Office

Letters Patent No. 105,252, dated July 12, 1870
The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.
Serial No. 22,831.
    I, ORRIS W. ROBERTSON, of Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee, in the State of Wisconsin, have invented certain Improvements in Battery-Insulators, of which the following is a specification.

Nature and Object of the Invention.

    The object of my invention is to secure a battery from connection with the ground, and give it a good insulation, and this I do by making a glass insulator on which to set the cup, so as to keep the drop from coming in contact with the table on which it stands.

Description of the Drawing forming part of this Specification.
Figure I is a perspective view of my invention; and
Figure II, a section view of the same.
General Description
A, the table on which my invention stands.
B, the hub fixed in the table to hold the insulator firm in position.
C, the body of the insulator.
D, the cap of the insulator.
E, a curtain or rim projecting down from the cap D
F F F, raised projections on the edge of the cap D to keep the cup from slipping off.
    The operation of this insulator is that, when in position, and a cup sitting on it, the drip, if any, will fall from the curtain E, and also from the lower rim of the body of the insulator, and the insulator, being made of glass, keeps the cup insulated from the ground.

I claim as my invention--
1. A glass insulator, with body C and cap D, substantially as described.
2. Insulator C, cap D, curtain E, and projections F, substantially as described.
    W. M. HORNOR,
    J. B. SMITH.