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Vault Lighting and How It Is Secured
Light rays passing through Plain Lens

Light rays passing through Single Pendant Lens

Light rays passing through 3-Way Prism
    The proper lighting of basements and subsidewalk space depends largely on the use of the correct form of glass. To meet every possible condition and to satisfy all ideas in regard to the best type of glass to use, we make out sidewalk and skylight tiles in many different forms and sizes.
We are thus able to solve every every lighting problem in the most effective manner. For size and number of each, look under the headings of the different forms of constructions.

PLAIN LENS, round or square. For lighting the space immediately below the setting. An efficient form when the space to be illuminated is not large, for the light rays drop down.

SINGLE PENDANT PRISM, round or square. For throwing the light to spaces outside the range of the Plain Lens. The large single prism throws a strong single beam of light in one direction only. It has the advantage over the plain lens in that it illuminates a larger area but, because of its weight the cost is considerably more.

MULTI PRISM, square only. For general diffusion and the breaking up of the direct light rays. Preferred, by some, to the plain lens for this reason.
Plain Lens
Plain Lens

Single Pendant Lens
Single Pendant Lens

Multi Prism
Multi Prism

3-Way Prism
3-Way Prism
TANEX 3-WAY PRISM, square only. For spreading the light rays over a large area and illuminating the largest amount of space. Each of the three prisms on the tile are of a different size and of a different angle. Thus the light is thrown in three separate beams to the various parts of the room. Probably the most efficient form of tile because it gives a wider range to the light equalized over a large area.
All of our glass is made of a special tough composition that resists wear and pressure so that danger from breakage is reduced to a minimum. The trademark TANEX is moulded in every tile. Be sure to specify TANEX.