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American 3-Way Luxfer Prism Co. · Sweet's 1927-28 · Sidewalk Lights · Page A387
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American 3-Way Luxfer Prism Co. in Sweet's Catalogue 1927-28 (Page A387)
30 Years of Service in Daylight Engineering
1313-1315 South 55th Court
(Suburb of Chicago)
37-28 30th Street
For 3-Way Armored Glass Skylights, see pages A516-517; for Transoms, see page B1751

3 Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights (Glass Guaranteed 5 Years)
Everything that the architect, builder, or owner has wanted and demanded of sidewalk lights is found in the 3-Way Armored Glass Construction.
Great light area
Expansion proof
Great strength
Perfect walking surface
Protected glass
Instant replacement of glass
5-year guarantee on glass.
3-Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights embody all the results of our quarter-century of experience. It is the proven construction, for installations ten years old are as good today as when put in.
In this construction, the glass—both square lenses and round lenses—is armored against both expansion pressure and the assaults of traffic. Each lens is caulked with tar and brimstone compound in a cast iron galvanized ring, or bottomless cup. This is built right into the concrete slab, being perfectly embedded with a permanent bond.
Cut-Away View of 3-Way Armored Glass, Showing Shield Embedded in Concrete
Cut-Away View of 3-Way Armored Glass,
Showing Shield Embedded in Concrete
These slabs are made to fit the sidewalk openings. Reinforcing is of approved types with great strength and freedom of vibration. To install, it is simply necessary to slip in place, and to seal and caulk the joints with 3-Way Caulking Compound.
Each lens is of polariscope tested Flintex-Lazalite Glass, annealed to assure toughness. Two types of lenses are available—No. 12, 2¾-in. round glass set in 3-in.
round shields; No. 13, 3½-in. square glass set in 4-in. square shields.
Instant Replacement of Glass—Should one of these perfect lenses be broken it can be replaced by any one in a minute's time, for no cement patching is needed. Just three moves: clean out old lens, drop in new one, seal joint with hot tar and brimstone.
5-year Glass Guarantee—We have proven this construction so perfect and so lasting what we absolutely guarantee the glass in it for a period of five years. Any glass broken by any cause will be supplied free for replacement, f.o.b. factory, for five years from date of installation.
3-Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights
3-Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights
Specifications—Sidewalk lights as shown on the plans shall be of the reinforced concrete type known as 3-Way Armored Glass, as made by the AMERICAN 3 WAY-LUXFER PRISM CO.
Glass shall be only Flintex-Lazalite quality as manufactured by the Jeanette Glass Co.; polariscope tested and guaranteed to be free of manganese and all internal strains. Each glass to be set in a galvanized cast iron shield that provides a seat for the glass and a flange to be embedded in the concrete. Glass shall be caulked into the shield with tar and sulphur compound.
All glass to be [3½-in. square, Fresnel design (No. 13) set in 4-in. galvanized iron shields spaced 4¾-in. centers] [2¾-in. round sunburst lens design (No. 12) set in 3-in. round shields, spaced 4½-in. centers]. Any glass broken in 5 years to be supplied for replacement free, f.o.b. factory.

Simplex Fresnel Floor Lights
A reinforced concrete construction, everlasting, strong, great light area, never needs paint or upkeep of any kind. Glass of two sizes, as desired—4-in. square, set 4¾-in. centers, or 61/8-in. square, set 7½-in . centers. Proven perfect construction under all kinds of traffic conditions. Used in floor of concourse of Chicago Union Station.
Section 3-Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights Showing Waterproof Intermediate Joint
Section 3-Way Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights Showing Waterproof Intermediate Joint