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American 3-Way Luxfer Prism Co. · Sweet's 1927-28 · Transom Lights · Page B1751
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American 3-Way Luxfer Prism Co. in Sweet's Catalogue 1927-28 (Page B1751)
30 Years of Service in Daylight Engineering
1313-1315 South 55th Court
(Suburb of Chicago)
37-28 30th Street
For Armored Glass Sidewalk Lights, see page A387; for Skylights, see pages A516-517

3 Way-Luxfer Transom Lights Make the Store Front
They daylight, they ventilate, they beautify, they advertise, they add distinction.
The 4-in. square tile transom, introduced thirty years ago, is still the most attractive and effective design for store fronts.
Store Front Tile Transoms
Store Front Tile Transoms
When glazed with the 3 Way-Luxfer Pressed Tile, these transoms are unequalled in beauty as well as utility. Being built up in panels to fit the opening, and made with a special glazing edge, these transom lights are easier to set than plain glass.

3 Way-Luxfer Prism Tile Transoms
This is the only method ever devised for the perfect daylighting of dark stores.
Lens Back 3-Way Prism Tile
Lens Back 3-Way
Prism Tile
It has been proven effective by installation over the past thirty years and, today, 3 Way-Luxfer Prisms are more in use than ever before.
3-Way Luxfer Prisms are the commercial adaptation of the scientific prism principle; that is, that light rays, traveling in straight lines, change their direction in relation to the angle of the surface of a different medium, when passing through. Thus, the light rays, traveling diagonally down are, by the prisms, turned upward so that they reach and daylight the very end of the storeroom.
3-Way Luxfer Tile Transom Construction
3 Way-Luxfer Tile
Transom Construction
The lens backs of the 3 Way-Luxfer Prism tile catch the light rays from the sides and direct these back into the room, adding to the daylight.
By this means, a room is illuminated with absolutely no cost.
3 Way-Luxfer Prism Transoms pay for themselves in the artificial light they save. And they make business better because of the illumination.
3 Way-Luxfer 4-in. Prism Tile of Flintex-Lazalite Glass which does not change color, are built up into panels to fit the transom spaces, by the improved 3-Way lock joint process.
Firm name, or business, in colored art glass can be incorporated, giving a 24-hour advertising sign.
3-Way Ornamental Lux Lens Tile
3 Way Ornamental
Lux Lens Tile

3-Way Ornamental Spiralite Tile
3 Way Ornamental
Spiralite Tile

Specifications—All transom lights shown on plans shall be glazed with 3 Way Luxfer 4-in. Pressed Prism Tile, of the proper angle, as made by the AMERICAN 3 WAY-LUXFER PRISM CO. These shall be in rigid panels, weatherproof and waterproof, as made by their improved lock joint constructions.

Lux Lens Transom Panels
For those locations where the daylighting effect of the prism is not needed he transoms should be glazed with Lux Lens pressed glass panels. This is the snappiest, classiest, and most attractive construction, retaining all the dignity of the 4-in. built-up construction.
Lux Lens 4-in. pressed tile have both sides moulded into a series of small arcs, set on the diagonal. As the light strikes these they glow, gleam and sparkle like diamonds. Due to the lens shape they project daylighting into the room in a beautiful, soft diffusion.
Easily kept clean for the long curves of the arc flush clean with the rain. Spiro Lens tile are used as a trim for the Lux Lens. Store names in art glass, incorporated in Lux Lens panels, are unusually effective.
Lux Lens Transom Panels
Lux Lens Transom Panels
Specifications—All transoms shown on plans where ornamental glass or diffusing glass is noted shall be glazed with Lux Lens 4-in. pressed tile as made by the AMERICAN 3 WAY-LUXFER PRISM CO.
3-Way Transom Ventilator
3 Way Transom
These shall be built into panes to fit the space by their improved lock joint glazing construction.

3-Way Transom Ventilators
A swinging, self-closing and locking transom ventilator is several sizes, designed for use in built-up windows of all kinds, particularly the panels of 4-in. pressed tile, either Prism or Lux Lens.
Can be fitted with the 3-Way patented flat fly screens.