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Everlasting Skylights · American Builder · January 1921
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Everlasting Skylights

Think of it -- the average life of the ordinary skylight is only about five years, even though it is painted and puttied every year. The cost of upkeep equals the installation cost every four years.

With these facts before you, isn't it economy to install a skylight that will last -- without any attention -- as long as the building stands, even though the first cost is more? These are the two types of everlasting skylights:

3 Way-Simplex
Reinforced Concrete

Made of heavy glass lenses 6 1/8" square, set in double reinforced concrete. Can be installed in spans up to 12 feet without transverse supporting beams. Gives great volume of daylight because of this.

Shipped ready to set in place or in preformed slabs to be finished on the job.

Unequaled for all-concrete and masonry buildings -- unaffected by weather or fumes. For flat skylights, it has great value because it is so strong that snow loads do not affect it. Can be walked on in safety. Needs no protecting screen..
3 Way-Steelead

Everlasting Skylights -- 3 Way-Steelead
Everlasting Skylights -- 3 Way-Simplex This time-tried product takes the place of all other forms of metal construction. It has great strength -- is everlasting -- is easily installed -- is weatherproof and needs no upkeep attention.

A steel "T" is completely covered with a seamless sheath of lead, protecting it perfectly from action of weather or fumes of any kind. The glass is held between lead contacts, making a weather-tight, puttyless joint. Easy and simple to install -- needs no paint -- everlasting.
Every builder and every architect should know all about these better skylights. Write for details, photos and specifications. Sold by glass jobbers everywhere.

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