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1911 Catalog
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B R U N E R   S Y S T E M
V E R A N D A   F L O O R   L I G H T S

        The expansion joint in the Bruner System is protected by patents and has proven in many years of usage to be permanently waterproof and to successfully allow for expansion and construction of glass and concrete without injury. The joint, as shown, connects sections which are otherwise distinctly separate, closing when the construction expands, opening when the construction contracts. These joints are placed fifteen to twenty feet apart, depending upon local conditions at the building.


        Because of the wedge shape glass the Bruner System only can be repaired easily and quickly by the insertion of "repair glass." This process is patented, and where such repairs are made they are absolutely and permanently waterproof and cannot be noticed.


        Each concrete rib contains two reinforcing bars,-- a shear and tension rod. As shown in the cut on page two, these bars are held one-half inch from the bottom of the concrete ribs by wire hangers, hung between every glass, which keeps the reinforcing rods from being exposed and tie the ribs to the slab. Cross tie-rods distribute the strain in case of a concentrated load, and bind the construction together.