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  • The Redlands Historical Glass Museum has a picture of a rare Canton spoon rack. "Housed in a 96-year-old Victorian-style home, the Historical Glass Museum in Redlands is the only museum of its kind to exhibit only American-made glassware pieces dating from the early 1800s to present day.
  • Paden City Discoveries has this to say about a celery: "This item is also illustrated in a 1954 Canton Glass Company catalog page reprinted in Weatherman's Price Trends (1982, p. 230). Canton Glass of Marion, Indiana, acquired several of Paden City's molds after they closed in 1951 - possibly in late 1952. Canton used the number 890 in their catalog which we know as the Crow's Foot Round line." (William P. Walker)
  • Early American Vaseline Glass says "Some factories which produced vaseline/canary colored EAPG tableware included Northwood, McKee, Bryce Bros., Bellaire Goblet Co, Canton Glass Co., Richards & Hartley, A J Beatty & Co., Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co., Jones Cavitt, Hobbs Brockeunier & Co., Riverside Glass Works, Model Flint Glass Co., Albany Glass Co. Campbell Jones & doubtless many others." (Dave Peterson)
  • National Milk Glass Collectors Society (archived): "...author Marg Iwen quotes from the 1902 National Glass Co. Export Catalog Number 2. One of the references is to a "Columbus" plate designed by David Barker for Canton Glass in 1892, made in clear and opal."