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Canton Glass Company Personnel
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Canton Glass Company, Canton, Ohio (Spring 1883 - March 1890)
  • Joseph K. Brown (Beaver Falls, PA)
  • A. M. Bacon (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • David Barker (Brilliant, OH)
Canton No. 1, Marion, Indiana (1890 - 1899)
  • Henry W. Harter (President)
  • Charles J. Bockius (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Charles H. Henderson (Superintendent)
  • David Barker (Designer)
  • Sanford Hamilton (Sales Manager)
Canton No. 2, Marion, Indiana (1902 - 1958)
  • Leo Nussbaum (President 1902-1928)
  • Berthold M. Nussbaum (President 1929-1945)
  • F. L. Paul (Vice-President & General Manager)
  • E. J. Mason (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • L. M. Wolf (Assistant Secretary)
  • Adam Krill (Superintendent)
After the death of B. M. Nussbaum on Dec 1, 1945, new officers were elected:
  • Earl Knightlinger (President and General Manager 1946-1952)
  • William M. Wright (Vice-President & Treasurer; President in 1952)
  • J. D. Wright (Secretary)
Canton Glass Division, David Lilly and Company, Inc., Hartford City (1958 - 1999)
  • F. R. Hodges (President ?-1971-1991-?)
  David Barker (Canton Glass Company)
David Barker

Charles J. Bockius (Canton Glass Company)
Charles J. Bockius

Charles H. Henderson (Canton Glass Company)
Charles H. Henderson