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Davis Carpenter & Co., Inc.
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"Sidewalk Doors, Coalhole Covers, Ornamental Iron Work"

Ray-Placeable trademark


  • Office and Plant: 216 East Forty-first Street, New York, NY

Oscar W. Ray:

Oscar W. Ray
Oscar W. Ray
"Oscar W. Ray, the New England manager of the Emerson Phonograph Co., is a graduate of Norwich University, Vermont, class of '12, and has had a careful training as a specialist. For a time he was sales engineer for Tucker & Vinton, concrete engineers, and then created the Ray Placeable Vault Light Construction, a system that is in wide use through the country." —The Talking Machine World, July 15, 1917 "Oscar Willard Ray, one of the most prominent figures in the music trade, has become vice-president and general manager of the Silas R. Pearsall Co., New York, exclusive radio wholesaler and for many years one of the most prominent talking machine distributing houses in the country. ... Mr Ray has a nation-wide acquaintance in the industry. He is a native of Brattleboro, Vt., and graduated in engineering at Norwich University in Northfield. He devised the Ray Placeable Construction Form for concrete work and organized a company of that name, later disposing of the invention and the business for a substantial sum." —The Talking Machine World, May, 1927 "A short time following his graduation in 1912, he invented and developed Ray-Placeable vault light construction. A few years later he became president and general manager of the A. C. Neon Co. He formed the O. W. Ray Corporation in 1945." —Norwich University Record, December 1952