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Chase Brothers & Co.
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Location: Boston

  • 22 Congress St
  • "Warerooms, No. 383 Washington Street"
1852 Chase Brothers & Co. ad
The Massachusetts Register, 1852
"Chase Brothers & Co., Manufacturers of Ornamental Iron Ware. 22 Congress Street, Corner of Post Office Avenue, Boston. Walter Bryent, Irah Chase, Jr., H. Lincoln Chase. The application of IRON for useful and ornamental purposes forms a new era in the History of American manufactures. It is our intention to introduce, as speedily as possible, such articles of convenience and ornament as can be produced in Iron. No labor or expense has been spared in our efforts to combine elegance with utility, and we would respectfully invite the attention of the Public to our present assortment of ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK, which embraces a large variety of articles of the most ingenious and beautiful designs, as follows: Iron Bedsteads; Double and Single, Plain and Ornamental, and of various patterns, suitable for Private Dwellings, Hotels, Hospitals and Public Institutions. Pier, Centre & Saloon Tables; With Iron, Marble or Inlaid Tops. Hat and Coat Stands, Umbrella, Fire Set and Blower Stands, Parlor and Mantel Thermometers, Toilet, Mirror & Picture Frames, Pin Cushions, Card Receivers, Brackets for Supporting Marble Slabs, Clocks, &c., Andirons, Foot-Scraps, Spittoons, Office and Hall Chairs, Garden Statuary, Rustic Chairs, Piazza Settees, Fountains, Vases, Flower Stands, Verandahs, Urns, Monuments, Iron Railing, Gates and Posts, For Cemeteries, &c.. Lions, Greyhounds, &c., size of Life, for Gate-ways, Door-steps, Gardens, &c. Also a large variety of FANCY HARDWARE & STATIONERY GOODS, including the "UNION LETTER COPYING PRESS," A new and ingenious invention, possessing advantages over any now in use; together with many other Useful and Ornamental Articles. All kinds of castings and wrought iron work made to order."
Coal cover
(Photo: Boston bric-a-brac)


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