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Daylight Prism Company
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"They Light Your Dark Rooms. / Make Them Bright and Cheerful. / Prices Made So You Can Afford to Buy Them."
Daylight Prisms
Daylight Prisms
Daylight Prism Co
Chicago, ca 1899, 25p
Canadian Centre for Architecture
via the Internet Archive
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1900 Daylight Prism Company catalog
Daylight Prisms
Daylight Prism Co, Chicago, 1900, 52p
The Association for Preservation
Technology International

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Daylight Prism Company ad in Modern Machinery, September, 1899 (p.5)
Modern Machinery · Sep 1899


1898 Daylight Prisms ad
Catalogue of The T Square Exhibition and
Architectural Annual for the Year 1898

1900 Daylight Prisms ad
Daylight Prisms, page 48 · 1900 (PDF)

Daylight Prism Co ad in the Baltimore City Directory, 1900
Baltimore City Directory · 1900

Daylight Prism Company stock certificate
Daylight Prism Co stock certificate · 1901
  • 1114 Chamber of Commerce, Chicago
  • 1401-1402 Manhattan Building, Chicago
  • 128 South Fourth Street, Philadephia
  • 42 West Balimore Street, Baltimore


1899 Corporation formed (New Jersey)
1904 Corporations of New Jersey, Charters No Longer In Force: Daylight Prism Company of America


"A corporation formed under the laws of New Jersey, October 19, 1899. The object of the company is to extend the sale of daylight prisms throughout the United States. The factory of the company is in Philadelphia. The Daylight Prism Co., of Pennsylvania, was merged with this company." ... "President, Charles H. Graham; Vice-President, Samuel B. Vrooman; Secretary and Treasurer, H. M. Cummings. Directors: Charles H. Graham, Thomas W. Synnott, B. J. Woodward, John P. Whitney, James A. Hayes, Samuel B. Vrooman, George K. Cummings. Office and transfer agency, 132 South Fourth street, Philadelphia." —The Manual of Statistics (Stock Exchange Handbook), Vol 23, 1901



  • Corporation formed (New Jersey, 1899): President and Treasurer: M. A. Knapp; Secretary: Bertand Walker; Vice President and Manager: S. A. Sage; Directors: M. D. Follansby, Howard Gilette, M. A. Knapp, S. A. Sage, Betrand Walker.
  • "FINANCIAL INQUIRY · Daylight Prism Co. · (Philadelphia, Pa.) I would like to know what you think of the stock of the Daylight Prism Co. of Philadelphia, as a permanent investment. Ans.: The product of this company is a patented window glass, which is constructed or moulded in prismatic form. The rays of light are so deflected by this glass as to light the room, and does away with artificial light. It is used in business establishments, private residences, schools, mills and some public buildings. The Daylight Prism Company secures its territorial rights of the patentee. The capital stock is $575,000, consisting of $75,000 8 per cent cumulative preferred stock, and $500,000 common stock, all of which is outstanding. The company claims to have filled over 600 orders in the city of Philadelphia. The company on June 7 declared a regular quarterly dividend of 2 per cent on the common stock, and a semi-annual dividend of 4 per cent and 2 per cent extra on the preferred. There are two other prism companies in Philadelphia which show a product of a similar description. Some little patent litigation has been started among the different companies, but we are inclined to regard the Daylight Prism Co. as the leading one in the field, and the best one from an investment standpoint. The company actively began to push its business last spring, and at that time increased its capital. The shares were brought out and dealt in publicly on the Philadelphia stock exchange, and since then the company has paid two quarterly dividents on its preferred and common stock. The company's territorial rights include the state of Pennsylvania and some adjoining states. The company has its glass manufactured in Brooklyn, N.Y., and has it cut in two establishments in Philadelphia. One ton of glass is shipped per day, and it is expected that it will shortly establish a plant in Philadelphia, with an increased capacity for handling its business." —United States Investor · August 12, 1899
  • "Daylight Prism Co. v. Marcus Prism Co.", Federal Reporter 110 (1901): 980-85.
  • "Daylight Glass Manufacturing Co.—Successor Company.—This company, with general offices at 882-384 Bourse Building, Philadelphia, claims to have been doing a good business since its formation some eight months ago, when it bought all the business and patents and improvements of the Daylight Prism Co. of America, the Daylight Prism Co. of Pennsylvania and the Daylight Glass Co. of New York. The company claims to have a complete monopoly of the rolled sheet prism-glass business, and announces that its attorneys are making preparations to proceed against all infringers of its patent lights." —Commercial and Financial Chronicle · Vol. 75, No. 1954, December 6, 1902
  • "DAYLIGHT GLASS MANUFACTURING CO.—Incorporated under Delaware laws and bought out the Daylight Prism Co. of America, the Daylight Prism Co. of Pennsylvania and the Daylight Glass Co. of New York. Its business is that of the manufacture and sale of daylight prisms. Capital Stock.—$3,000,000. Par, $100. Management.—Officers: Thos. W. Synnott, Pres.; Samuel B. Vrooman, Vice-Pres.; James H. Hayes, Sec. & Treas. Annual meeting, March 16. Office, 382 Bourse Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa." —Moody's Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities, 1905
  • "DAYLIGHT GLASS MFG. CO. V. AMERICAN PRISMATIC LIGHT CO." —United States Circuit Courts of Appeals Reports, 1906
  • "BALLANTINE v. CUMMINGS et al.", Superior Court of Pennsylvania via Atlantic Reporter, 1908