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Sweet's 1927-28
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Albert Grauer & Company
conditions, pay many-fold for the daylight provided. Where basement spaces are daylighted, and used as salesrooms, the increased revenue frequently pays for the entire cost of construction in less than one year.
Ready-to-set-Sidewalk Slabs—Completely built slabs can be supplied on order, to fit specified spaces, when for any reason it is not desired to have our own skilled workmen install daylighting construction.
Specifications—The sidewalk lights shown on plans shall be constructed with carrying members of reinforced concrete. The glass shall be Grauer No. 20, set in rustproofed metal shields with an elastic compound. The design to permit glass replacement with unskilled labor. All glass is to be polariscope tested and guaranteed free of internal strains. The construction shall be capable of carrying a uniformly distributed live load of 300 lb. per sq. ft. without injury.
The entire construction is to be guaranteed waterproof and free of defects for a period of one year. Replacement glass to be furnished free, f.o.b. factory for five years.

Floor Lights
Floor lights permit the daylight to do double duty. Light thus admitted to a lower floor, even though diffused through one story, comes from above and is more efficient than light from side windows.
The construction is similar to that of Grauer Sidewalk Lights. The glass is, however, set directly in concrete as the extra expense of shields is unnecessary in interior installations.
Grauer Floor Lights maintain more weight than an ordinary floor will hold. They are permanently watertight, proof against rust and fire, require no upkeep expense.
The concrete carrying ribs are 3½ in. in depth and on 6-in. centers both ways. The two styles of glasses are 4¾ in. square by ¾ in. thick. No. 89 is plain flat; No. 88 is diffusing and ornamental.
Specifications—The floor lights shown on plans shall be constructed of reinforced concrete and glass according to the Grauer System; installed complete in place by the manufacturer's own workmen. The glass shall be diffusing glass No. 88 [plain glass No. 89] 4¾ in. square, guaranteed free of strain by
Section Through Grauer Shield Protected Sidewalk Light Constructions
Section Through Grauer Shield Protected Sidewalk Light Constructions
polariscope test. Spans up to 8 ft. are to be made without intermediate beams, with a guaranteed safe live load of 250 lb. per sq. ft., with a factor of safety of 4.
The floor lights are not to be installed until after the surrounding floors have been laid complete. The floor light manufacturer is to provide an elastic, waterproof expansion joint of approved materials on the four sides of each opening.
The construction and glass is to be guaranteed for a period of one year, and any defects appearing within this period are to be promptly corrected to the satisfaction and without cost to the owner.

Grauer Skylights with wire glass set in metal shields supported by a reinforced concrete grill, represent the greatest advance in skylight construction in years. Glass is protected from pressure, both structural and expansion. These skylights defy all weather conditions and are unconditionally guaranteed. If broken by smashing (the only way they can be broken) replacement is easy by unskilled labor.
Grauer Skylights may be walked on. They give large light area; are permanently watertight and proof against rust, fire and burglars. They require no upkeep expense.
Specifications—The skylights shown on plans shall have structural members of reinforced concrete, supporting permanent metal shields in which glass is set. Metal shields are to be rustproofed. Glass to be ribbed wire 8¼ in. square, ½ in. thick, set in an elastic, watertight compound. Spans are to be made without intermediate beams up to 13 ft. clear. The entire construction is to be guaranteed for a period of one year and replacement glass is to be furnished free of charge for a period of five years.

Marquise Lights
The Grauer Skylight construction is admirably suited for use in marquises, and is now being generally utilized for this purpose. Architects, builders and building owners who have had trouble with the constant breaking of the ordinary sheet glass formerly used in marquise work, have come to realize the economy and satisfaction of permanently meeting this problem in the first construction. The Grauer System is a most durable product adaptable to work of this character.

National Service
This organization is equipped to installed Grauer Shield Protected Daylights in any building anywhere. Skilled crews are placed in charge of each installation. Our experience of 22 years in the design and construction of daylighting equipment, assures scientifically correct installation and permanent satisfaction.
Illustrated bulletins on light for all uses, quotations and information, will be supplied promptly.
Diffusing Glass No. 20
Diffusing Glass No. 20
3½×3½ in.
Protecting Shield
Protecting Shield
Grauer Shield Protected Wire Glass Skylight