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  • 626 Arch Street, Philadelphia (Hires & Co, Ltd)
  • "Factories: Quinton, N.J." [1894]



Salem County.
(Rep., Salem.)

Senator Hires was born in Elsinboro, Salem county, January 26th, 1835, and follows the business of glass manufacturing. He was formerly a merchant. He has all his life been identified with the interests of Salem county, and has ever been a staunch and earnest Republican. Not a partisan, but so thoroughly imbued with the principles and purposes of the party as to act from a conscientious devotion to duty—never seeking office, but always ready to put his shoulder to the wheel to win success. In 1867 he was elected Sheriff, which office he filled with entire credit to himself and to the county. He is at present at the head of the firm of Hires & Co., the extensive glass manufacturers at Quinton. By his industry, integrity and wise fore- sight, he has enjoyed a remarkably successful business career.
Last year Mr. Hires was Chairman of the Committees on Miscellaneous Business and Engrossed Billsm, and of the Joint Committees on Public Grounds and Buildings and Commerce and Navigation, and a member of the Committees on Corporations and Passed Bills.
1878—Keasbey, Rep., 2,822; Grier, Dem., 2,504; Dickerson, Gr'nb'k, 335; Cooper, Tem., 310.
1881—Hires, Rep., 3,062; Casper, Dem., 2,401; Atkinson, Gr'nb'k 99.

Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey
by Edward J. Mullin, F. L. Lundy, Thomas F. Fitzgerald, Louis C. Gosson, J. Joseph Gribbins; New Jersey Legislature
M. R. Dennis & Co, New Jersey, 1872

Hires, Turner Glass Co.
HIRES & CO. (Limited.)
Importers, Dealers and Manufacturers of Window, Picture and Car Glass,
Rough and Polished Plate Glass,

626 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Hires Turner Glass Co logo The independence of Philadelphia in the important matter of obtaining from an adequate stock, any size or quality of glass within her own borders, is of recent accomplishment, and was inaugurated by this progressive house, which now takes the leading place in the business in this city. In the rear of the offices of this company, at 626 Arch Street, a large annex building is filled with an unequalled assortment of glass from which orders for either local or distant customers are immediately filled. The assortment kept in store includes polished plate, window, picture and car glass, beveled plate, plain and beveled mirrors, curved glass, and a rich line of stained and decorative glass. The best sources of supply, both foreign and American, are drawn upon, in addition to which the Hires, Turner Glass Co. own and operate the large plant at Quinton, Salem County, N. J., where upwards of 150 skilled workmen make the now popular Quinton window and picture glass, the product reaching 3,000,000 feet annually, and much of which is shipped either by rail or water, direct to purchasers, in all parts of New England, the Middle and Southern States. The vast amount of plate and sheet glass used in the construction of the two great railroad terminals of Philadelphia was furnished by this firm.

The establishment originating in the firm composed of George and Charles Hires, has passed its thirtieth anniversary.

The Hires, Turner Glass Co. issue practical, special pamphlets, defining the various qualities of standard glass, for the information of architects, builders and others, together with a description of the finishing of plate glass.

The officers of the company are: George Hires, President: Charles Hires, Vise- President; John Turner, Secretary and Treasurer; William Plummer, Jr., Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

The City of Philadelphia as it Appears in the Year 1894: A Compilation of Facts Supplied by Distinguished Citizens for the Information of Business Men, Travelers, and the World at Large
by Frank Hamilton Taylor
G. S. Harris & sons, 1894, Philadelphia, PA, 279 pages


1924 Hires Turner Glass Co ad Hires Turner Glass Co ad · date unknown
1924 Catalog Date Unknown
Swimming the Plate
Corning Museum of Glass


  • "Importers and dealers in GLASS: French Plate, American Plate, Silvered Plate, Rough Plate, Ribbed Plate / Window, Picture, Colored, Cathedral, Ornamental"
  • "The only House in Philadelphia that carries a full stock of Polished Plate Glass"
  • "Super-Glass" windshields; glass reinforced by wire; corrugated wire glass; "Intaglio" mirrors —Hires Turner Glass Co trade catalog, Smithsonian Museum


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Our Subject—Glass
Hires & Co, Ltd
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