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Thaddeus Hyatt Thaddeus Hyatt Thaddeus Hyatt Thaddeus Hyatt Thaddeus Hyatt Thaddeus Hyatt
Thaddeus Hyatt
(ancestry.com: James Hazlerigg-Kinlay)
Thaddeus Hyatt
(Library of Congress)
Thaddeus Hyatt
(Kansas Memory)
Thaddeus Hyatt
(Library of Congress)
Thaddeus Hyatt
(Kansas Historical Society)
Thaddeus Hyatt
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Thaddeus Hyatt [1816-1901] is the inventor of the Thaddeus Hyatt's signature
Thaddeus Hyatt's calling card
Thaddeus Hyatt's Calling Card
Mass. Digital Commonwealth
bulls-eye vault light of 1845, designed to correct three problems with Rockwell's 1834 single-lens design: Hyatt's plate is safe to walk on even if all the glass is broken out, the glass is protected from scratching by raised bumps on the ironwork, and the glass in set in a band of lead or other soft metal to protect it from shock and isolate it from expansion and contraction of the metal frame. He may have been inspired during a London visit by Christy's 1841 coal plate design which uses several intermediate-size round glass lenses. Hyatt's invention was not an immediate success: "It was about seven years after the patent was granted before he succeeded in conquering the prejudices of the public, and rendering his invention profitable" (Hyatt's Patent Extension Case, 1859) which was a decided factor in granting him the extension. Eventually his Hyatt Lights caught on and made him a rich man.

Rockwell's 1834 single-lens vault cover Christy's 1841 multi-lens cover Hyatt Light (Brown Brothers #4) Thaddeus Hyatt's Patent Basement Extension
Rockwell's 1834 vault cover Christy's 1841 multi-lens cover Brown Brothers #4
21" Hyatt Light ca1860
Thaddeus Hyatt's 1867
Patent Basement Extension

Thaddeus was interested in many things; he was a pioneer of reinforced concrete construction (his patent No. 206,112 of 1878 was the first in the US); his interest in aviation led him in 1857-58 to offer "a reward of $1,000 to any inventor able to produce an actual flying machine" and in 1882 he published a treatise on flight called The Dragon-Fly, or Reactive Passive Locomotion. His older brother Theodore [1814-1879] was also an inventor and held patents on illuminated roofing (among other things), but mainly he was the business-minded of the two. Together they formed Hyatt Brothers.

Patent Vault Lights and
Illuminating Tiles
Hyatt's Improved Patent
Encaustic Tile and Lens Lights
Patent Lens Light Works
Hyatt's Lens Lights
Patent Lens Light Works
Hyatt's Lens Lights
Thaddeus Hyatt ad in 1874 Real Estate Record, Vol 14, No 352, p 442 Thaddeus Hyatt ad in 1878 Laxton's Thaddeus Hyatt ad in 1883 The Architects' & Contractors' Handbook and Illustrated Catalogue of Materials and Manufactures Thaddeus Hyatt ad in 1886 Laxton's
1874 Real Estate Record 1878 Laxton's 1883 A&C Handbook 1886 Laxton's

But... "Thaddeus was a never-ending source of trouble to his brother, chiefly because of his ineptitude in business matters. He seemed unable to regulate his expenditures according to his income, his taxes were frequently delinquent, and he was known to promise loans or gifts of money which he did not have. Much of the burden of managing his financial affairs fell to Theodore, and it was no easy task even to keep Thaddeus solvent. For example, he had made promises, said Theodore in September, that would obligate him to pay out something like $11,000 during the next two or three months, which would amount to more than twice his income for the same period." —Kansas Historical Society

"The fact is, ... unless my poor demented, insane brother changes his course and husbands his resources Heaven itself cannot save him from destruction, for while he is wasting thousands of dollars on the infernal John Brown, Washington Jail humbug his property heavily mortgaged is eating him up with expense of interest, taxes & assessments amounting yearly to over five thousand dollars, and not paying his taxes & assessments when due his property is constantly sold & when redeemed costs 15 pct. and expenses equal to 20 pct—enough to ruin any man, ..." —Letter to W. F. M. Arny from Theodore (Kansas Historical Quarterly)
Hyatt's Patent Tile and Glass Lights
Hyatt's Patent Tile and Glass Lights
Thaddeus Hyatt & Co, London, ca.1891, 24p
Rakow Research Library,
Corning Museum of Glass
~10MB: pdf (172DPI)

Not for Myself
Note from Thaddeus Hyatt, Washington Jail, June 2, 1860, to Miss Myrtle Minor
Scan: Bonhams
"Remember me, not as an individual,
But as the Incarnation of a Principle;
For Man is Ephemeral — But Principles
are Eternal!" [signed] Thaddeus Hyatt
Washington Jail, June 2d, 1860
to his friend, Miss Myrtle Minor."
Outside of glass-collecting circles, Thaddeus is best known as being a staunch and vocal abolitionist, becoming actively involved after the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which let the territory's voters decide the slavery issue. He used the money from his vault lights to further the cause. He was a friend and supporter of John Brown, who used his New York residence as headquarters when visiting the city [NYT obit]. Following the Harpers Ferry raid and Brown's execution, Thaddeus was jailed for refusing to testify before a Senate investigative committee, arguing in a 23-page written response that the Senate did not have the power to compel his presence. The Senate voted to jail him, but he made light of his imprisonment, decorating his cell and entertaining visitors in style. Eventually his case resulted in a Supreme Court decision affirming Congress' right to summon witnesses; however three months later the investigative committee was dissolved and Hyatt was freed. He immediately telegraphed New York "Have been kicked out. Will be home to-morrow." See Thaddeus Hyatt in Washington Jail at the Kansas Historical Society.

Thaddeus continued his involvement in Kansas affairs, forming the Kansas Relief Committee following the devastating drought culminating in 1860, and striving to help farmers impoverished by the drought. Read more about Thaddeus at Wikipedia.


Benjamin Hyatt
b.1783 Connecticut
d.17-Nov-1862, Brooklyn
[Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930; New York Evening Post, 19-Nov-1862]
Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Lot 3685, Section 119
Augustus Hyatt
b.1812 d.1850
Theodore Hyatt
b.1814, New Jersey
d.1879, NYC
Thaddeus Hyatt
b.21-Jul-1816 Rahway, New Jersey
d.25-Jul-1901 Sandown, Isle of Wight
Buried in Christ Churchyard, Section 9, Plot 137
Harriett Hyatt
b.1829 d.1863
Mary N. Winans
b.1807, NY d.11-Oct-1895, NY
Theodore Porter Hyatt
b.1843 d.Feb-1913
= (1)
Emeline Winans
b.1815, NY d.5-Dec-1870
= (2)
Elizabeth Adelaide Lake Hyatt
Elizabeth Adelaide Lake
b.25-Jan-1836 Falmouth, Cornwall
d.23-Aug-1928 Sandown, Isle of Wight
  1. Bessie Lake Hyatt b.~1862
  2. Thaddeus Pomeroy Hyatt, DDS, FACD, b.1864 d.1952
    =Elizabeth M. Hyatt née ?
  3. Clotilde Sumner Hyatt, b.4-Nov-1866, Paris
  4. James H. L. Hyatt b.~1869
  5. Annie Forrester Hyatt b.1871 d.1966
    =Alfred Walter Merian [Gravestone]
  6. Beatrice Marguerite (Daisy) Hyatt b.~1882 d.1957, Worcester, UK

Christ Churchyard
Section 9, Plot 137

Grave of Thaddeus Hyatt and his wife
"In Loving Memory of THADDEUS HYATT, born in RAHWAY, New Jersey, USA, July 21st 1816,
died in Sandown, I of W. July 25th 1901.
also of his wife Elizabeth A. L. Hyatt, born at Falmouth, January 25th 1836,
died at Ealing, August 23rd 1928."

Photo: sprayerman, findagrave

1850 US
Thaddeus Hyatt
Thaddeus Hyatt in the 1850 census
1850 US
Benjamin Hyatt
Benjamin Hyatt in the 1850 census
Name Age Sex Occupation Birth Name Age Sex Occupation Birth
Thaddeus Hyatt 35 M Man'fr of Vault Lights NJ John F. Brown 36 M Book Binder NY
Emmeline Hyatt 40 F NY Harriott Brown 21 F NY
Eliza Winans 71 F NJ Emma F. Brown 6/12 F NY
Adolphia Winans 30 F NY Benjamen Hyatt 67 M Collector CT
Mary A Burton 32 F IE

1860 US
Thaddeus Hyatt
Thaddeus Hyatt in the 1860 census
1860 US
Benjamin Hyatt
Benjamin Hyatt in the 1860 census
Name Age Sex Value of
Real Estate
Value of
Birth Name Age Sex Occupation Value of
Real Estate
Value of
Thaddeus Hyatt 44 M 60,000 5,000 NJ Benjamin Hyatt 76 M Bookgilder 1,500 CT
Emeline Hyatt 44 F NY John F. Brown 46 M Bookgilder 2,000 1,000 NY
Harriet Brown 31 F 2,000 NY
Emma F. Brown 10 F NY
John B. Brown 5 M NY
Henrietta L. Brown 4 F NY

1881 England
Thaddeus Hyatt in the 1881 English census
Name Age Relationship to
Head of Family
 Rank, Profession or Occupation  Birthplace
Thaddeus Hyatt 64 Inventor & Maker of Patent Lights U.S. America
E. A. L. Hyatt 43 Wife Cornwall, Falmouth
B. L. Hyatt 18 Daughter France, La Rochelle
T. P. Hyatt 16 Son Clerk for Light Works U.S. America
Clotilde S. Hyatt 14 Daughter Scholar France, Paris
James H. L. Hyatt 11 Son Scholar Cornwall, Falmouth
Annie F. Hyatt 9 Daughter Scholar London
Arthur W. Lake 27 Brother in Law Manager of Hyatt Light Works Cornwall, Falmouth
Clara Elgar 20 Servant General Domestic Kent, Hythe
Jane Westbrook 28 Servant Cook / Domestic Norfolk

  • 25 Waverly Place, New York (corner Greene St)
  • 9 Farringdon Road, London, E.C. (near Charterhouse St) (?-1883-1903-?)
  • "Hyatt Theodore, 6 Wooster, see adv"
  • 45 Greene St.
1814 b. Theodore Hyatt, New Jersey
1816 b. Thaddeus Hyatt, Rahway, New Jersey
1840 Patent No. 1,867 Manufacture of Splints or Sticks for Friction and Other Matches, Norman T. Winans & Thaddeus
1841 Patents No. 2,402 and 2,403, both Improvement in the Composition of Matter for the Manufacture of Friction-Matches}, Norman T. Winans, Theodore & Thaddeus
1845 Patent No. 4,266 "Illuminating Vault Cover"
1854 Patent No. 11,695 "Vault-Light"
1855 Patent No. 12,595 "Illuminating Vault-Covers"
1858 Patent No. 21,050 "Illuminating-Glass for Vault-Covers"
1859 "HYATT's PATENT LIGHTS / A CARD HAVING BEEN ISSUED TO THE PUBLIC / By parties who frankly confess that they do not pay me for my invention, I avail myself of the opportunity to advertise the names of those who do. The following persons, only, are licensed under my patents in this City:
  • George R. Jackson & Co.
  • J. B. & W. W. Cornell & Co.
  • S. B. Althause & Co.
  • Ingalls & Case.
  • Theodore Hyatt.
The law is that a person who purchases or uses a patented article is equally liable for infringement with the maker of it. The "makers" having fairly notified "users" of their intention not to pay, the "users" have only themselves to blame if I collect my tariff of them—as I shall certainly do." —New York Times, 11-Jan-1859, page 6
Hyatt's Patent Extension Case
1860 Jailed for about 3 months for refusing to testify before Congress about his involvement in John Brown's Harpers Ferry raid.
1860 US Census, Products of Industry, records Thaddeus Hyatt, Patent Vault Lights. Real capital worth $1,000, raw materials worth $4,900 (20,000 pounds of glass @ $2,400 and other articles @ $2,500). Employees average 30 hands, $900 average monthly wages. Previous year's production 7,000 feet of vault lights valued at $40,000.
1867 Patent No. 68,332 "Improvement in Illuminating-Roofs and Roof-Pavements"
1872 Patent No. 133,032 "Improvement in Vault-Lights"
1873 "Hyatt Theodore, patent vault lights, 6 Wooster & pres. 61 Park pl. h 46 Morton" followed by "Hyatt Theodore jr. agent, h 46 Morton" —Trow's City Directories for New York, New York
Patent No. 135,120 "Improvement in Vault-Lights"
Many more patents this year and following. See 67 Thaddeus Hyatt and 5 Theodore Hyatt patents in the Prism Glass Patent Rings page
1874 "Hyatt Brothers (Thaddeus & Theodore) 25 Waverly pl." —Wilson's New York City Partnership Directory
"The Illuminating Roofing Tile, Represented by the cuts, is intended to take the place of the rough plate-glass sky-lights heretofore in general use, and will relieve of the constant annoyance from leakage and the danger from breaking experienced in the use of sheet-glass. Our new Tile is suitable for Dwelling-houses, Stores, Arcades, Railroad Depots, &c., &c., and can be laid in either iron or wooden frames. The cheapest and best sky-light made. Send for descriptive and illustrated pamphlet. Hyatt Brothers. 25 Waverly Place, cor. Greene St." —Real Estate Record, Vol 14, No 352, p 442
1877 "Hyatt Brothers, vault-lights, 25 Waverly pl." also "Hyatt Thaddeus" and "Hyatt Theodore" listed separately —Goulding's New York City Directory
Thaddeus publishes "An Account of Some Experiments with Portland Cement Concrete Combined with Iron as a Building Material with Reference to Economy in Construction and for Security against Fire in the Making of Roofs, Floors and Walking Surfaces."
1879 d. Theodore Hyatt, New York City
1886 "Mr. Hyatt will occupy a large stand in the centre of the hall for the purpose of exhibiting his lens lights applied in a very great variety of ways. In these lens lights each glass is formed of a series of lights with the object of getting the greatest possible superficial area for the transmission of light, whilst at the same time the lenses serve as a protection to the other portions of the surface. These lights are applicable for roofs as well as floors, and as shown in Mr. Hyatt's method of fixing are admirably adapted to take the place of the ordinary skylight, which is so liable to damage in stormy and snowy weather and offers a ready vent in cases of fire to feed the flames. The modicum of light obtained through the medium of these lens lights is very great, and Mr. Hyatt's arrangements for its uniform distribution are very clever. In the case of basements where it is required a silvered reflector can be introduced, so contrived that it can be raised or lowered at will. This throws the light into any part of the room without in any way interfering with the rays thrown directly downwards from the area lights. This will be shown at the exhibition, as also illuminating or wrought iron flap doors in guttered frames to prevent leakage at joints, together with a number of applied lens and other lights, to inside and outside work. It may be of interest to state that amongst a host of buildings in which Mr. Hyatt's system has found adoption are the Royal Courts of Justice, the Royal Exchange, the British Museum, the residential mansions of the Duke of Westminster, Lord Elcho, Sir W. G. Armstrong, Sir R. B. Harvey, etc., and warehouses, banks, hotels, stations, and business premises too numerous to mention." —The British Architect, Volume 25, April 2, 1886
1901 d. Thaddeus Hyatt, Sandown, Isle of Wight
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Obituary
  • Thaddeus Hyatt probate records, Kings County Surrogate's Court: Petition, Citation, Proofs of Will, Orders, etc. Admitted to Probate 29-Nov-1901, 18pp, ~7MB: zip| tar| pdf
Articles, &tc.
  • See Walter Grutchfield and Wikipedia for history
  • See this illuminated cover at boston bric-a-brac
  • Thaddeus Hyatt Improved Illuminating Tile Company (see Patent No. 365,306).
    Thaddeus Hyatt passport application
    Thaddeus Passport Application
  • From Probate documents:
    • Elizabeth A. L. Hyatt (widow), 34 Woburn Place, London, England
    • Bessie Lake Moore née Hyatt (daughter), Ulmenstrasser (1), Frankfort-on-Main, Germany
    • Clotilde Sumner Hyatt (daughter), 34 Woburn Place, London, England
    • James H. L. Hyatt (son), 70 Mortimer Street, London, England
    • Beatrice Marguerite (Daisy) Hyatt (daughter), 34 Woburn Place, London, England [she was age 19 in 1901]
  • "3650. And Thaddeus Hyatt, Manufacturer of Patent Lights, and Thaddeus Pomeroy Hyatt, Minor, of 66, Gloucester Gardens, Hyde Park, London, in the county of Middlesex, have given the like notice in respect of the invention of ''Improvement in nails, screws, tacks, brads, spikes, and hooks.'' As set forth in their petition, recorded in the said office on the 21st day of October, 1875." —The Commissioners of Patents' Journal
  • Beatrice Marguerite Hyatt
    • "Beatrice Marguerite 'Daisy' Hyatt was nursing wounded New Zealand soldiers at Malta in 1915 as a volunteer nurse aid. The war had provided the 30-something Daisy the chance to escape 'the life of a dutiful daughter caring for aging parents in England.' She must have been impressed with the New Zealanders as 'she set her hat' at the best-looking man in her ward, 'checked he was alright, wooed and married him.' Daisy Fabling, as she later became, spent the rest of her life in New Zealand." —JOHNNY ENZED: The New Zealand Soldier in the First World War 1914-1918
  • Winans
    • Emaline Winans was a sister of Theodore Hyatt's wife Mary. Their parents were Isaac Ross Winans (b.1763) & Jane Elizabeth (Eliza) Kipp (1777-1857). They married 27-Feb-1796 in Manhattan, New York.
    • Isaac Ross Winans b.1763 d.1827-1831, NY. Married 27-Feb-1796, NY. Jane Elizabeth "Eliza" Kipp daughter of Henry Kipp. Isaac, a sailmaker, made the original sails for the USS Constitution. —Winans Family Genealogy
  • Thaddeus Pomeroy Hyatt
    • "Some years before the turn of the century the late Dr. Thaddeus Pomeroy Hyatt, then an eager young dentist and later a man of considerable distinction, was strolling in lower Manhattan when he noticed two older men walking slowly and engaged in serious conversation. He recognized one of the men as a fellow member of the Theosophical Society. The other was a stranger. It developed that the stranger, a Mr. Everett, had financial problems with people in Buenos Aires, and had need of knowing what they were doing, unknown to them. The Society member (whose name is not given,) it appears was quite a hypnotist. He proposed to hypnotize Hyatt and send him astrally to Buenos Aires to look into the matter. ..." —Astral Journeys
    • "On the 7th day of March, 1918, the said Newberry and Williams together with the respondent, Thaddeus P. Hyatt, formed a business corporation to be known as the Williams Aircraft Corporation, pursuant to the Laws of the State of New York, with authorized capital of $100,000, with a damaging board of three directors composed of Milton S. Williams, Newton H. Williams and Thaddeus P. Hyatt." Annual Report of the Attorney General of the State of New York, 1920
    • "In addition, the NPM Library contains material from several important private libraries acquired entirely or in part over the past century, including: ... Dr. Thaddeus P. Hyatt - a leading student and collector of worldwide material concerning the movement of mail. ... The major archival collections include: An outstanding collection of articles, pamphlets and letters documenting the operation of mail services in the United States and elsewhere, originally collected by Dr. Thaddeus P. Hyatt and supplemented with material from other sources ... Pamphlets, letters, stamps and related materials from the National One Cent Letter Postage Association (ex. Dr. Thaddeus P. Hyatt)" —National Postal Museum Library Collections
    • "Dr. Thaddeus P. Hyatt of Stamford, an old student of The Secret Doctrine, recently compiled a bibliography of that work in which he revealed that Madame Blavatsky referred to or quoted from more than 700 authors on over 90 subjects. This included many branches of science, many philosophers, and all the great religions known to the world today." —Helena Petrovna Blavatsky · Awaken
  • James H. L. Hyatt was a photographic engraver
  • Thaddeus Hyatt Papers 1843-1898 at the Kansas Historical Society
  • "patent vaults and patent lights, sky lights, floor lights, shop lights, &c., 4th story"
  • Hexagonal plate: T. HYATT'S PATENT LEAD BAND / [patent] MAR. 27, 1855 / LOUISVILLE, KY / SNEAD & CO
  • "¹In 1845 Thaddeus Hyatt patented a unique lighting system that neatly complemented Bogardus's creation. Thick glass discs set within iron grilles were placed in the sidewalk in front of a warehouse letting natural light into the basement and avoiding the need for gas lighting and its attendant fumes." —Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898
  • See covers in Manhattan gallery
  • Early plates manufactured mostly by Brown Brothers (Chicago), but also by Snead & Co of Louisville, KY.
  • "50 Morton Street is a 4,000-square-foot West Village townhouse containing six apartments... Built in 1854 for Thaddeus Hyatt, a patent vault manufacturer and developer, Mr. Hyatt built the 4 five story houses on this row." —Curbed NY
  • "Along with our neighbors we will be restoring up to 3 of 4 buildings originally built by Thaddeus Hyatt who patented the cast iron sidewalk grates with glass lens to allow natural light into sidewalk vaults in 1845. The four buildings are attached in a row on Morton Street and incorporate great details on the building façades as well as cast iron newel posts, railings and Juliette Balconies. Much of that detail has been removed or modified over the years and our current renovation will begin to restore those details." —James Giorgio Sr., property manager, NYC
  • "Nos 9-13 (demolished). c. 1874-6, warehouses. Peter Dollar, architect, for Thaddeus Hyatt, pavement-light manufacturer" —Farringdon Road · British History Online
Identifier MM DD Year Inventor(s) Patent Title
US 1,867 Nov 26 1840 Winans & Thad. Manufacture of Splints or Sticks for Friction and Other Matches
US 2,402 Dec 23 1841 Winans, Theo. & Thad. Improvement in the Composition of Matter for the Manufacture of Friction-Matches
US 2,403 Dec 23 1841 Winans, Theo. & Thad. Improvement in the Composition of Matter for the Manufacture of Friction-Matches
US 4,266 Nov 12 1845 Thaddeus Illuminating Vault Cover [Re-issued Apr 3, 1855 as RE303]
US 11,695 Sep 19 1854 Thaddeus Vault-Light [Re-issued Feb 1, 1859 as RE653]
US 12,595 Mar 27 1855 Thaddeus Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 21,050 Jul 27 1858 Thaddeus Illuminating-Glass for Vault-Covers
US 68,332 Aug 27 1867 Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating-Roofs and Roof-Pavements [Re-issued Aug 6, 1878 as RE8,363; Sep 27, 1881 as RE9,883]
US 101,268 Mar 29 1870 Theodore Improvement in Combination Asbestos Filling for Fire-Proof Safes and Other Structures
US 101,879 Apr 12 " Theodore Lining and Covering Refrigerators and Refrigerator Cars.
US 133,032 Nov 12 1872 Thaddeus Improvement in Vault-Lights
US 135,120 Jan 21 1873 Thaddeus Improvement in Vault-Lights
US 136,519 Mar 4 " Thaddeus Improvement in Vault-Covers
US 140,709 Jul 8 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 142,472 Sep 2 " Theodore Improvement in Illuminating Roofings
US 142,473 Sep 2 " Theodore Improvement in Illuminating Roofings
US 142,474 Sep 2 " Theodore Improvement in Walls for Buildings
US 143,157 Sep 23 " Theodore Improvement in Fire-Proof Shutters
US 145,180 Dec 2 " Theodore Improvement in Fire-Proof Columns
US 145,182 Dec 2 " Theodore Improvement in Fire-Proof Illuminating-Tiles
US 145,183 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating-Doors [Re-issued Jun 25, 1878 as RE8,307]
US 145,184 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Metallic Hatchway-Doors
US 145,185 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Flexible Sheet-Metal Illuminating-Plates
US 145,186 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Ventilating Illuminating Roofing-Plates
US 145,187 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,188 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,189 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,190 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,191 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,192 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,193 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,194 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,195 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,196 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,197 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,198 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,199 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,200 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,201 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,202 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,203 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Non-Condensing Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,204 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Non-Condensing Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,205 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Non-Condensing Illuminating Vault-Covers
US 145,206 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Non-Condensing Illuminating Vault-Covers [Re-issued Jan 11, 1881 as RE9,535]
US 145,207 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Elevating Vault-Covers
US 145,208 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Flexible Illuminating Vault-Plates
US 145,209 Dec 2 " Thaddeus Improvement in Illuminating Ventilating-Steps
US 147,401 Feb 10 1874 Theodore Improvement in Illuminating Roof-Plates
US 152,380 Jun 23 " Theodore Improvement in Illuminating Roofing-Tiles
US 154,048 Aug 11 " Theo. & Jacobs Improvement in Illuminating Roofing-Plates
US 165,835 Jul 20 " Theodore Improvement in Illuminating-Tiles
US 206,112 Jul 16 1878 Thaddeus Improvement in Composition Floors, Roofs, Pavements, &c. [Reinforced Concrete: PDF]
US 206,332 Jul 23 " Thaddeus Improvement in the Application of Cements, Clays, Metals and Glass in forming Illuminated or Other Gratings, Vault-Covers, Roofs, &c.
US 206,333 Jul 23 " Thad. & Theo. Improvement in Cement and Concrete Walking-Surfaces
US 206,571 Jul 30 " Thaddeus Improvement in Modes of Covering, Lighting, and Ventilating Areas, Vaults, &c. [Re-issued Jan 11, 1881 as RE9,534]
GB 1,499 Apr 12 1880 Thaddeus Illuminating Gratings for Roofs, Areas, &c.
US 236,817 Jan 18 1881 Thaddeus Illuminating-Grating or Perforated Plate of Metal and other Materials, and Constructions made therefrom
US 243,266 Jun 21 " Thaddeus Concreted Illuminating-Grating
US 243,779 Jul 5 " Thaddeus Walking-Surface of Illuminating-Gratings Employed to Cover Openings to Vaults and Underground Spaces
US 254,656 Mar 7 1882 Thaddeus Illuminating-Grating
US 255,511 Mar 28 " Thaddeus Illuminating-Grating
US 257,712 May 9 " Thaddeus Constructing and Repairing Illuminating-Roofs, &c.
US 257,713 May 9 " Thaddeus Illuminating Grating or Vault-Cover
US 257,714 May 9 " Thaddeus Illuminating Vault Cover or Grating [Re-issued Jul 21, 1885 as RE10,626]
US 257,715 May 9 " Thaddeus Pavement-Plate or Vault-Cover
US 257,822 May 9 " Thaddeus Illuminating Grating and Buildings Lighted Thereby
US 272,383 Feb 13 1883 Thaddeus Illuminating Vault-Cover or Grating-Tile and Surfaces Made of the Same
US 272,551 Feb 20 " Thaddeus Illuminating Vault-Cover or Grating-Tile and Surfaces Made of the Same
US 284,559 Sep 4 " Thaddeus Sky or Vault Light Roof and Roof-Pavement
US 284,963 Sep 11 " Thaddeus Vault or Combination Skylight Reflector-Roof
US 285,358 Sep 18 " Thaddeus Vault-Light Roof and Sidewalk for Basements and Rear Extensions of Buildings
US 285,625 Sep 25 " Thaddeus Combination Daylight-Reflector
US 286,012 Oct 2 " Thaddeus Illuminating Vault-Cover or Grating-Tile, &c.
US 286,137 Oct 2 " Thaddeus Vault-Light Roof and Sidewalk for Constructing Basements, &c., to Buildings
US 286,542 Oct 9 " Thaddeus Illuminating Vault-Covers or Grating-Tiles and Surfaces Made of the Same
US 288,571 Nov 3 " Thaddeus Vault-Cover or Illuminating Grating-Tile and Surface Made Thereof
US 288,572 Nov 13 " Thaddeus Vault-Covering or Illuminating-Grating and Surface Made Therefrom
US 289,537 Dec 4 " Thaddeus Illuminating Sidewalk or Roof to a Continuous Vault or Gallery, &c.
US 289,538 Dec 4 " Thaddeus Illuminating Grating-Tile and Constructions Made Therefrom
US 290,886 Dec 25 " Thaddeus Concrete Floor, Roof, &c.
US 292,559 Jan 29 1884 Thaddeus Concrete and Concreted Pavement and Roof-Pavement, and Substructure for the Same
US 315,412 Apr 7 1885 Thaddeus Illuminating Tiling and Grating for Covering Vaults, Roofs, &c.
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