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P. H. Jackson & Co.
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Improvement in Building Construction (PDF)
Small arched skylight with oblong and sunburst lenses Illuminating tiles composed of 5-inch diamond octagon glass lenses, with colored encaustic tile filling and border, for vestibules and floor lights Exterior view of large Arched Sky Light 35 feet across, unfinished
Small arched skylight with
oblong and sunburst lenses
Illuminating tiles composed of 5-inch diamond octagon glass lenses, with colored encaustic tile filling and border, for vestibules and floor lights Exterior view of large Arched Sky Light 35 feet across, unfinished
1918 P. H. Jackson to Dietrich & Leistner re Hotel Stockton
P. H. Jackson letter to Dietrich & Leistner
re Hotel Stockton repairs · 1914

P. H. Jackson brass ID plate
Brass ID plate found on sidewalk doors in Sacramento

1918 P. H. Jackson sidewalk lights ad in 1917 The Architect and Engineer of California
Jackson's Patent Sidewalk Lights
and No Leak Sidewalk Doors
P. H. Jackson & Co.
Tel. Kearny 1959
The Architect and Engineer of California · 1917

Location: San Francisco

  • 1905: 228 First St.
  • 1914: 225-229 First St.
  • 1918: 237-247 First St.


  • ?-1905-1918-?


  • Peter Hugh Jackson (1829-1908)
  • 1914:
    • E. R. Jackson (president) [son Edwin R.]
    • C. C. Jackson (vice-president) [daughter Caroline]
    • R. A. Jackson (secretary) [son Robert]


Year Pat# Title
1858 20721 Illuminating-Cover for Vaults, &c.
" 21605 Metallic Frame for Vault-Lights
1882 263412 Method of Illuminating Basements
" 269292 Illuminating Basements
1883 282641 Skylight
1884 302338 Construction of Buildings
1885 314026 Illuminating Basements
" 314677 Floor or Area Covering
1887 367343 Floor, Roof or Area-Covering
" 370625 Area, Floor, Roof or Sidewalk Construction
1888 D18286 Design for a Sidewalk Dead-Light Frame
1889 405778 Frame for Illuminating-Tiles
1891 446350 Lens for Illuminating Tiles
" 449323 Construction of Buildings
1897 587210 Sidewalk Hatchway and Door Mechanism
1902 699468 Sidewalk Trap Door
1903 725846 Floor, Roof, or Like Construction
Iron Coal Covers
Iron Coal Covers


Improvement in Building Construction
Improvement in Building Construction
Columbia University Libraries
via The Internet Archive
~38MB: pdf (350DPI)
  • See Walter Grutchfield
  • "JACKSON JAMES L. & BRO. (Peter H. Jackson), Iron works, East 28th, Second ave. and East 29th." and "Jackson Peter H. (Jas. L. Jackson & Bro.), E. 28th" —Boyd's business directory of over one hundred cities · 1869/1870
  • "Manufacturers of Improved Iron and Other Constructions for Buildings. Hyatt's and Jackson's Patented Constructions for utilizing and improving business property. Artifical Stone Illuminated Tiles for sidewalk, vestibule floors, stairs and roofs—plain and in colors. Hyatt's Iron Knob Lights. Patent Daylight Reflectors and Refracting Lenses for directing light towards the rear of basements. Acme Ventilators, Ventilating Hitching Posts and Carriage Blocks. Iron and Steel Beams and Columns. Patent Water-tight, also ordinary Sidewalk Doors. Hyatt's Patent Iron Ties for support of vault roofs and fire-proof doors, dispensing with iron or steel beams, saving two-thirds their cost. Jackson's Patent Combined Artificial Sidewalk and Roof of Vault Construction. Jackson's Construction for Water-tight Cellars. Computations Made as to the strength of any iron building or bridge construction. Nos. 228 & 230 First Steet, San Francisco, Cal." —The California Architect and Building News · Volume 11, November 20, 1890
  • Improvement in Building Construction: Mainly Relating to Artificial Stone and Concrete of Portland Cement and Its Constituents Combined with Iron and Steel, Also Valuable Tables for References, 1897
  • "288. P. H. Jackson & Company v. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company. September 5, 1907. Refund of $564.09 on 3 carloads of vault-light glass from Bellaire, Ohio, to San Francisco, Cal., on account of excessive rate." —Interstate Commerce Commission Reports · Vol. 12, p. 608, 1908
  • "PETER H. JACKSON CALLED BY DEATH. Steel Construction Expert Succumbs After Severe Illness of Several Weeks. OAKLAND, June 17.—Peter H. Jackson, head of the firm of P. H. Jackson & Co., Incorporated, of San Francisco, one of the leading experts in steel construction on the Pacific coast, and formerly prominent in public life in New York city, died at 2:35 o'clock this morning at his home, 1379 Eighth avenue, at the age of 78 years. He had been in failing health since the fire of April 18, 1906, which wiped out the plant of his business in San Francisco, and his death came after a severe illness of several weeks.
    He was born in New York July 11, 1829. His father was Peter Jackson, the Inventor of the fireplace grate and the man who installed the first grate ever placed in a home in the United States. For several generations the family had been engaged in the iron foundry and steel Industries, and to this Peter H. Jackson devoted himself.
    FURNISHHED STEEL SHELLS. At the outbreak of the civil war Peter H. Jackson was running the largest foundry In New York, and during the strife held contracts for the construction of steel shells for the federal artillery. After peace had been made Jackson entered political life and served for some time in the late sixties as a member of the board of education of New York city. In 1873 he came to California and entered the steel and iron business in San Francisco. He was one of the founders of the builders' exchange of San Francisco and became one of the leading experts of the west on steel construction. He was called in consultation by the municipal authorities on the erection of city buildings.
    OWNED MANY PATENTS. Jackson was the Inventor of a structural sidewalk, over 3,000,000 feet of which he laid in San Francisco. He owned 106 of his own patents on that kind of structural work. He associated with him in the company of which he was the head his sons, Edwin R. Jackson and R. A. Jackson, who are the vice president and secretary of the company. R. A. Jackson is also connected with the realty firm of J. H. Macdonald & Co. In this city. He leaves another son, Francis D. Jackson, who is vice president of the Heckler-Ryan Iron works in Brooklyn. N. Y. His daughter, Miss Caroline C. Jackson, was for several years principal of Miss West's school in San Francisco. Jackson was married to Miss Mary Cooke in New York June 8, 1853. She died three years ago. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the Jackson, home. Interment will be private." —San Francisco Call · Vol. 104, No. 18, June 18, 1908