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Illustrated New York · The Metropolis of To-Day · 1888
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Illustrated New York · The Metropolis of To-Day · 1888 · Page 141 JACOB MARK, Manufacturer of Concrete Illuminating Tile, No. 7 Worth Street.—In the largest cities of the United States there are acres of unimproved room, which may, by proper skill and adaptation, be converted into roomy, well lighted and ventilated apartments, suitable for stores, factories, bank and safe deposit vaults, etc. We refer in this connection to the space under the sidewalks. Since the introduction of the Patent Concrete Illuminating Tiling, this invaluable room is being rapidly utilized in New York and other large cities. A prominent and representative house in the metropolis, actively engaged in this useful industry, is that of Mr. Jacob Mark, whose office and factory are located at No. 7 Worth Street. This business was established in 1873, by Mr. Jacob Mark, who has since built up an extensive and permanent patronage in all sections of the United States. The premises occupied comprise a spacious four-story building 34×200 feet in dimensions. The manufacturing department is fully supplied with all the latest improved machinery, tools, and appliances necessary for the successful prosecution of the industry: Fifty experienced workmen are employed, and the machinery is driven by steam power. Mr. Mark manufactures largely Patent Concrete Illuminating Tile, and all kinds of vault lights for areas, sidewalks, roofs, floors, skylights, etc. The Patent Concrete Illuminating Tile manufactured by Mr. Mark far surpasses anything of the kind heretofore manufactured, forming as it does an even, non-slippery surface—free from knobs or projections; it makes a strong, water-tight illuminating roof and pavement, easily kept clean. The metal being covered with a non-conducting material, the rooms which it covers are kept much warmer in winter and cooler in summer than where iron comes in contact with atmospheric changes. This is a very important consideration. Mr. Mark manufactures under the following patents. March 30, 1869; March 7, 1871; Nov. 3, 1874; Jan. 14, 1875; Nov. 3, 1875; Dec. 23, 1879; March 23, 1880; April 27, 1880; Aug. 31, 1880; April 12, 1880; Sept. 26, 1880; July 25, 1882; May 23, 1883; and a number of other patents. All the specialties manufactured by Mr. Mark are absolutely unrivalled for utility, reliability, and general excellence and have no superiors in this country or Europe, while the prices quoted for all descriptions of work are extremely moderate. We would observe that Mr. Mark's tiles are especially adapted to places where a large quantity of light is desired, and are the most ornamental as well as the most useful now extant. Mr. Mark is assisted in the management of his business by Mr. John W. Mark, the Superintendent. Both gentlemen are highly esteemed by the community for their skill, industry, and integrity, justly meriting the signal success achieved in this growing and valuable enterprise. Mr. Mark publishes annually a superior Illustrated Catalogue, which is forwarded promptly upon application.

Illustrated New York · The Metropolis of To-Day · 1888