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Jacob Mark
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Jacob Mark letterhead
Jacob Mark vault cover Jacob Mark vault cover Jacob Mark vault cover Jacob Mark vault cover Jacob Mark vault cover


  • 5 and/or 7 Worth St., New York
Jacob Mark vault lights ad from Real estate record and builders' guide, 1896 [Columbia University]


  • 1868: "Jacob Mark was listed as a moulder"
  • 1871: "patent lights and skylights added to his listing"
  • 1882: "manufacturer of all kinds of vault lights"
  • 1893: "Patentee and Manufacturer of Concrete Illuminating Tile and Vault Lights for Areas, Roofs, Floors, Etc. Giving 25 per cent. more light than other similar goods made"; "Old style, 20 lights to sq. ft; John W. Mark's New Pat. Ring Concrete Tile, Pat. Aug 30, 1887, 25 lights to sq. ft."
  • 1894: "manufacturer of concrete illuminating tile and all kinds of vault lights for areas, roofs, floors, etc"
Jacob Mark ad in 1893 Trow's City Directories for New York
Trow's City Directories for New York, 1893


  • Jacob [Louis?] Mark (1834-1904?)
  • Parents: James Mark and Sarah Gibson
  • John W. Mark (manager, 1882; superindendent, 1894)
  • "...There were so many important New York City foundries. We had Fiske Ironworks, Cornell Ironworks, Jacob Mark Foundry... very significant, and Jordon Mott who was established in 1828." —Diana Stuart



  • paperweight Jacob Mark, "Manufacturer of Every Kind of Vault Lights / 7 Worth St. NY" [Henry Luce III Center]
  • Patent No. 501,720 -- Vault or Skylight Cover, James Jenkinson, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Jacob Mark, New York city. Filed Jan 3, 1893.
  • "Jacob Mark Sons, No. 7 Worth st, are getting orders for vault lights and trench plates from the best current work. The following is a list of new buildings which have one or the other, and in some cases both: Trinity Building, Realty Building, Knickerbocker Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Evening Post Building, Trust Co. of America Building, Abraham & Straus Building, Brooklyn, Chemical Bank, N. Y. World Building, Staats-Zeitung Building, Ehret's Brewery, Hamburg-American Building, City Investing Building, Silversmiths' Building, Mutual Benefit Building, Newark, N. J." —Real estate record and builders' guide (February 22, 1908)