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The Sun's Guide to New York · 1892
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The Sun's Guide to New York · 1892
The Sun's Guide to New York · 1892

7 Worth Street, New York,


Concrete Illuminating Tile and Vault Lights,



Patented Sept. 9th, 1890.

While improving the strength of the Concrete Illuminating Tile, we have succeeded in producing more lighting surface to a square foot than ever before produced, and at the same time placed before the public a Concrete Vault Light work that cannot be improved upon in any shape or manner, as we have experimented not only with the problems of strength and durability, but also with effect, for no other work of a similar kind can present the same neat and perfect appearance as produced by our New Ring Concrete and our Square Opening Concrete work. The increase in the light is shown here:

Square Opening Tile, per square foot, 76,6775 square inches, actual.
Ring Concrete Tile, " " " 60,1300 " " "
Old Style of Concrete Work, " " 50,5092 " " "

An increase of over 50 per cent. above the old style of concrete work. The advantage of our Prismatic Lenses above those in use is very apparent. They economize space, with a greatly improved light, as they distribute the light horizontally and diagonally, and are very easily cleaned.
Very few use any other kind; in fact, inventors of prismatic lenses have laid their inventions aside, and now use but one kind—and that is our improvement.
The Sheet Iron Illuminating Doors that we manufacture are the most durable and the best illuminating sidewalk doors on the market. Light to handle, heavy to wear, and neat in appearance, it has greater sale than any other kind manufactured.
Upon application, we will send our illustrated catalogue, in which there is a more pointed description, with illustrations of every kind of work manufactured by us.
* To be known hereafter as "The Mark Concrete Light."