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Jupiter Prism Tiles
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It's not known who made the torch prism tiles, but the matching name/ID tile is embossed "JUPITER PRISM / DAVENPORT IA", a big clue.

Jupiter Prism logo/name tile Jupiter Prism tile Jupiter Prism installation in Oakland, CA
348 13th St, Oakland, CA

The Davenport Public Library researched this, but found no trace of a company by that name, so there does not appear to be a "Jupiter Prism Company":

"Per your request, we searched our city directories from 1890-1940, local histories, newspaper resources, and US Patent resources for information on Jupiter Prism. There is no mention of a company with the name Jupiter listed in any of our available resources."

Neither was the Putnam Museum and Science Center in Davenport able to find anything.

Perhaps Jupiter Prism is a trademark? A USPTO search did not find any likely suspects.

Given the location (Davenport, Iowa), the obvious suspects are the wholesaler U. N. Roberts Company and/or its retail subsidiary the Gordon-Van Tine Company (archived).

"The Gordon-Van Tine Company originally started in 1865 as the U. N. Roberts Company, a traditional wholesale supplier of millwork up and down the Mississippi, and merged with another firm and began a direct mail-order business in September 1906. In spite of the opposition of retail dealers, the company thrived during the 1910s and 1920s along with other firms that sold home kits through the mail. Known collectively as the Big Six, these included, in addition to Gordon-Van Tine, Sears and Ward in Chicago and Aladdin, Lewis, and Sterling, which were located at the mouth of the Saginaw River in Bay City, Michigan, a lumber and shipbuilding town." —Mixed Harvest: The Second Great Transformation in the Rural North, 1870-1930 by Hal S. Barron
U. N. Roberts letterhead · 1931
Established 1865 · Manufacturers, Jobbers & Importers
Sash, Doors & Blinds; Lumber, Lath & Shingles;
Builders Hardware · Paints, Oils & Varnishes;
Plate & Window Glass
Gordon-Van Tine letterhead · 1917
Paid Up Capital $250,000.00
Largest Building Material Plant in American—Selling Direct to Consumer

Both mention prism glass in their advertising, U. N. Roberts heavily in 1903-1904 and Gordon-Van Tine in an 1908 ad in Carpentry and Building, which mentioned under the "Stores and Factories" heading: "We sell everything from rough lumber to the prism glass for reflecting daylight to every nook and corner of the building." Nothing I've found mentions a Jupiter trademark, however, so the jury is still out.

U. N. Roberts Prism glass ad
Turn Off the Light!
What's the Use of Burning Up Money?
U. N. Roberts Prism Glass
Costs Very Little, and Lights Up
Store, Office or Factory.

The U. N. Roberts Co.
The Daily Times, March 26, 1903
Gordon-Van Tine ad in Carpentry and Building, Volumn 30, December, 1908
Carpentry and Building, December, 1908
U. N. Roberts Prism glass ad
and healthful. Gaslight is expensive and unhealthful.

Quad-City Times, April 16, 1903