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Luxfer Sidewalk Prisms for Basement Lighting

Luxfer Sidewalk Prisms

In modern buildings, architects are no longer using the old style iron gratings for areas. Glass Prisms set in concrete on steel frames are to-day specified by all the leading architects.
The reasons are obvious. Foremost among them is LIGHT thrown to the rear of the basement, not wasted at bottom of area.
Doing away with unsightly rubbish holes below show windows, wherein there is always danger from fire to say nothing of their unsanitary condition.
Eliminating danger of tripping by pedestrians. They can be introduced as skylights over light-wells or in floors to increase the light in the basement.

Test of Strength of Sidewalk Prism Panel
Testing strength of Panel
Test of Strength of Sidewalk Panel
March 23, 1909,
Panel being made as follows:
4 ft. × 4 ft. of T bars, 1¼ in. × 1¼in. × 1/8 in.
Interlocked with channels 1½ in. × 7/16 in. × 3/16 in.
Set with our Standard Sidewalk Prism, 4 in. × 4 in. top surface.
These were set in with a cement mixture and allowed to stand for ten days. Then the load, super-imposed between bearings on the panel was 2,700 lbs., and after standing for twenty-four hours there did not appear to be any deflection whatever.
March 24, 1909.
After twenty-four hours of above test, 3,420 lbs. was added to above weight, making 6,120 lbs. in all, the panel showing no deflection whatever. This test demonstrates the fact that this panel would carry a load of over 300 lbs. to the square foot without making any perceptible deflection.