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Page 23


Sidewalk Prisms for
Basement Lighting
A Strong, Durable, and Splendid Lighting Prism
Luxfer Little Giant Prism
Luxfer Little Giant Prism, having 14½ square inches of reflecting surface.
Thickness from bearing to top of Prism 1 inch.

In this Prism we can offer an article that will give a splendid light, a Prism that is practically indestructible and one that none need hesitate to use.
The demand for this Prism is increasing and some of the best buildings erected in Canada during the last few years have been equipped with it. Such buildings as the R. V. Winch Building, the new Post Office, the Bank of British North America and the "Europe" Hotel, all of Vancouver, as well as many others.
See pages twenty-nine and thirty for partial list of buildings equipped
with "Luxfer" Prisms.
Luxfer Little Giant Prism vs. Glass Blank
Showing difference between Little Giant Prism reflecting light inwards toward interior of basement
and Glass Blank, allowing light to pass down naturally.

Note.—See page twenty-six for description of frame.