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We have many letters from all parts of the Dominion
from purchasers of Luxfer Prisms similar
to those published herein

Offices of the Gurney Northwest Foundry Co.
Offices of the Gurney Northwest Foundry Co. Ordinary Prisms were removed
from this and Luxfer Prisms installed

Copy of Letter from the Gurney Northwest Foundry Co.
The Luxfer Prism Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ont.
Gentlemen,—Regarding the Luxfer Prisms which you installed in our office. The previous Prisms which we had before were practically of no use to us, and we must say that the results obtained by the Luxfer Prisms have been everything that you claimed they were, and in place of the office being dingy and having to use electric light nearly all the time, it is now so we can see practically in every part of the office without the use of electric light, unless it is really a dark day outside. We would have hardly believed it were possible to make the difference in the lighting of the office that those Prisms have.
Yours truly, (Signed) Gurney Northwest Foundry Co.