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Three Facts

Regarding our "Luxfer System" of lighting buildings should be appreciated at the start,

Fact No. 1

PROVEN MERIT.—The day has passed when architects and builders looked upon "Luxfer" installations as experiments. The "Luxfer" system has proven its worth and efficiency in the equipment of thousands of buildings involving daylight problems of maximum difficulty. Some one of the different forms of "Luxfer" is not only desirable, but necessary in practically every building operation.

Fact No. 2

SCIENTIFIC CONSTRUCTION.—The "Luxfer" system employs certain forms of Prismatic Glass, but no other than our Prisms are "Luxfer." The difference between our system and other systems is the difference between good results and dissatisfaction, between science and guesswork.
Architects and builders are aware of this fact and will corroborate this statement.
Note.—Luxfer Prisms are designed by the leading refractionists of the world, are absolutely correct as to angles, and are made of the finest quality of pressed crystal glass by our own special process.

Fact No. 3

GUARANTEED SERVICE.—All lighting problems are referred to our expert on daylight illumination. We guarantee the correct angles of Prisms for any condition, thus obtaining the greatest possible quantity of light from any window distributed through the interior in the direction desired.
You need feel no hesitation in seeking our advice on any problem of this nature as the same will be cheerfully given.